Storage Wars Season 14 Renewed or Canceled?

Is it time for A&E to pull the plug on Storage Wars, a show that has been there for more than a decade? It was already a surprise when season 13 got renewed and aired out of the blue. It was also a treat for fans who have stayed loyal to the show for all these years. But, it also makes us wonder will A&E suddenly renew Storage Wars Season 14 as well? And if yes, when will they air it? What new twists and turns do they have in store for us? 

Continue reading and find all the details regarding the hit series, Storage Wars Season 14.

Storage Wars Season 14 Renewal Status

The show hasn’t been renewed for season 14 yet. Even though it’s been a while since season 13 came to an end in May 2021, with 10 episodes. Although, we wouldn’t say this means that season 14 will be canceled. As there was a large gap between season 12 and season 13 as well. And the show is a big hit. There seems no reason for not renewing the show and giving the fans what they want.

As soon as the show does get renewed, we’ll update this section.

Release Date 

Looking at the past history of the show, we really can’t predict a release date. Especially when the show hasn’t been even renewed yet. And no one knows how long A&E will take to renew it. However, once the show does get renewed, we’ll update this section with a predicted release date.

Storage Wars Season 14

Storage Wars 14 Cast

The cast for the show will remain the same as in season 13. Except for maybe, Jarrod Schulz, who has the charges of domestic violence against Brandi. The couple is separated but they do have kids together. Which means they have to interact with each other. It was under such circumstances that Jarrod publicly shoved Brandi multiple times in a bar. A&E has clearly spoken on this topic and said they do not appreciate such acts and are not a part of them in any way. In fact, if internal investigations prove Jarrod guilty, he will no longer be welcomed at Storage Wars.

For now, this is everything related to Storage Wars. As soon as we get any more news, we will share it with you.