Squid Game Boss: a Decision on Seasons 2 and 3 Is Expected ‘soon

Welcome back Fam! Today we are here to discuss the most awaited Netflix series. Yes, your guess is completely right we are talking about the new project of Netflix that the season 2 of Squid Game.

Along with the second season, there is news that the 3rd season is also in process. Is it true??  Well yes, it is and I just can’t keep calm about what’s going to happen next.

In an interview held on Tuesday with the KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), the director and writer Hwang Dong-hyuk of our most favorite show the Squid Game mentioned that he is further discussing this with Netflix.

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He added that he is in conversation with Netflix for season 2 and season 3 as well. However, we expect to get a decision soon on the show.

In the month of November, an associated Press was held by Hwang, where he shared that it is confirmed that there is going to be a second season. He further shared that he is still planning on the entire script and it’s all in his head.

Along with this we also have a small spoiler for you. Hwang also added that in the second season Seong Gi-hun is going to investigate everything going on behind this dangerous competition and is going to try and save people from being killed.

Squid Game: Is Season 3 Is Expected ‘soon’?

So after all this amazing news we just can’t wait for, Netflix to make this news official. The renewal of this worldwide blockbuster is all set to be announced and to be produced. And as the commitments made by Hwang in various statements we are now sure that there is a high possibility of season 2 and season 3.

Squid Game Boss
Squid Game Boss

As of now, we are confirmed that there is a huge possibility of the third season to be made however nothing has been officially announced yet by Netflix. So we just have to wait and watch till then.

This blockbuster Korean series is all about a total of 456 people who were made participated in a game to pay off their debts. They were given an opportunity to win a handsome amount to pay their debts. All the games were the old games played by children’s and this was the most viewed show on Netflix.

The Squid Game reached 142 million runs in the first month of its release. As Netflix considered 2 minutes of any program as 1 view and to that Squid Game easily crossed the record of 82 million set by Bridgerton, in the first 4weeks.

Squid Game even crossed all the previous shows having Nielsen U.S. streaming this show for having to amass more than 3 billion minutes for all the 9 episodes. Moreover, as discussed with the Vulture, Bela Bajaria the chief of Netflix’s Global TV did not confirm anything yet however, she said that this completely depends on Hwang’s interests and schedules.

She further added that Hwang is busy with some other movies which he is working on and they are trying to figure out what’s needed to be done for the moment.

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