Shining Girls First Trailer and Release Date

Apple TV+ is coming up with more and more interesting original shows day by day. And Shining Girls is one of them. Based on Lauren Beuke’s bestseller novel of the same name, Shining Girls is an Apple original thriller. 

The mini-series has an amazing plot and a talented cast which will for sure make it stand out and get love from viewers all around the world. To find out everything about it, keep reading.

Shining Girls Release Date 

Apple has announced a release date for one of its best shows this year, Shining Girls. It will be airing a total of 8 episodes. The first three will release together on April 29, 2022. And the remaining five episodes will release every week every Friday.

Shining Girls Synopsis

The plot revolves around Kirby Mizrachi, who undergoes a traumatic experience. Her life changes and her career as a Chicago newspaper archivist comes to a halt due to an assault. Then, looking at a murder case reminds Kirby of what happened to her. And she ends up partnering with troubled reporter Dan Velazquez to solve the mystery and find the attacker.

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But the story gets more and more interesting as Kirby and Dan get closer to finding the assailant. They discover several cases with similar findings and Kirby gets on a mission to stop her attacker from assaulting anyone else. This journey gets more and more blur as she fights her fear. Dan too is battling his inner demons. 

Shining Girls First Trailer and Release Date
Once they do find the killer, Harper, things get even messier. Because Harper turns out to be a time traveler as well. Moreover, for Harper to travel through time, he must kill a shining girl, a girl which is full of potential. And it seems like the last shining girl is out there to find him. What happens next and how it happens can only be found by viewers once they watch the series on Apple TV+.

Shining Girls Cast

Created by Silka Luisa, Shinings Girls has an outstanding cast that will surely wow all the viewers. It includes Emmy Award-winner Elisabeth Moss as Kirby and many more that have been listed below:

  • Elisabeth Moss as Kirby
  • Wagner Moura as Dan
  • Jamie Bell as Harper
  • Phillipa Soo as Jin-Sook
  • Amy Brenneman as Rachel

Shining Girls Trailer

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While announcing the show’s release date, Apple also gave viewers a treat with a teaser. Less than a minute long, the official teaser has promised viewers a jaw-dropping show that will keep them on the edge of their seats. Besides this, a trailer for Shining Girls will probably release a few days before the actual season begins airing.

Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline Mitchell
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