EntertainmentShameless Season 12 Plot and Release Date with all the characters

Shameless Season 12 Plot and Release Date with all the characters

Family drama is something that we all deal with. However, trust us when we say you don’t have it as bad as the Gallaghers- a family of six slightly messed up kids with a crazy drunk father. When situations get worse, and things take a turn for the worst, the Gallaghers always manage to find a way back in their course of 11 seasons. Yes, you read it right- 11 whole seasons. In fact, Shameless is one of the few popular TV series that have gone this far without losing their audience’s interest. It has even broken the record for Showtime’s longest-running original scripted series. But are the producers going to risk their reputation with the 12th season? Will Shameless Season 12 manage to live up to the first eleven seasons? Keep on reading to find out all about Shameless Season 12. 

What is the plot of Shameless Season 12?

Featuring an Irish American Family called the Gallaghers, Shameless is a comedy-drama TV series. The Gallagher children suffer a lot due to their neglectful drunk father, who is quite selfish. Thus, they must learn to take care of themselves while also looking out for each other. The eldest daughter Fiona ends up taking up the role of being the parent. Although, she does not give up on her adventures and has pretty wildlife outside of the home.

While the remaining five siblings, Lip, Ian, Carl, Debbie, and Liam, must also adjust to having a parent role model almost as young as them. They steal their food and money to survive and end up getting into the messiest situations. Full of scandals, atrocious thefts, and messy love lives. Shameless is one of the best shows on Netflix bound to get a few giggles out of you. It follows the journey of every Gallagher child and features their development as they go from being teenagers to mature adults. 

Is Shameless Season 12 Coming? 

Now, this is quite a complicated topic. Although, the series was supposed to end in December 2020 with the premiere of its eleventh season. The producers released a clip show series in a few days, further continuing the show. Thus, even though there was no news of a season, the showrunner John Wells may have tipped us off on the arrival of a spin-off. He even ends up telling us about a few ideas that he has for the future, including Lip getting her own personal motorcycle while Ian and Mickey end up having a kid. The possibilities are huge, but we can’t say anything until the series is renewed for its twelfth season. 

Did Season 11 end with all the characters settling in? 

Except for Frank- the father, all the characters still have a long way to go before they can finally settle in; Tami could be pregnant while Lip might sell the house, and Debbie might move to Texas for her girlfriend. However, nothing was wrapped up to be ended. Thus, we do have high hopes for a spinoff or reunion. Because these dangling threads need to be taken care of. 

Final Verdict

Shameless has given us 11 wonderful seasons. And while the news of its ending has greatly devastated us, we are quite thankful to the producers for giving us such a jaw-dropping TV show. We really do hope and pray for the 12th Season, and you never know, maybe our wishes will come true!

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