EntertainmentSemantic Error Episode 1 Release Date, Plot and Where to Watch It?

Semantic Error Episode 1 Release Date, Plot and Where to Watch It?

Korean Drama lately is making rounds in everyone’s head, and the people are just going gaga over them. People cannot stop talking about them, adoring them, and searching for every series and want to be the first one to find it. Semantic Error is one such find by us and which we will recommend you to watch. Obviously, if you love K-drama and if you do not already, you will start loving it. 

Semantic Error is inspired by a novel of the same name, and has also a manhwa and is now adapted in form of a series. The same was only confirmed towards the end of last year by the makers of the series. The fans have been eagerly waiting for the release. Now, as the first episode of the show is just around the corner, fans are restless more than ever.

We have gathered some information that you may see in the first episode. Let us begin.

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Semantic Error Season 1 Release Date

Semantic Error is all set to release on February 16, 2022, and we expect that a new legend in the world of entertainment is all in.

Semantic Error Season 1 Plot 

The series spins around Chu Sang Woo, who holds a degree in computer science, and Jang Jae Young, who holds a degree in design. Life of both cross paths of each other by chance, and they tend to affect each other’s lives. They will indulge in handling a university project to work with together.

‘Semantic Error’ episode 1 will release on February 16, 2022. The story will be following Chu Sang Woo, a computer science major, and Jang Jae Young, a design major. A junior and senior from two different departments and having no connection to each other got entangled with each other because of a university project.

Sang-woo and Jang are poles apart. Sang-woo is a die-hard law-abiding disciplined person. While Jang Jae is a careless, carefree person with no rules and wants to live life and study abroad. The attitude of Jang is also reflected in the project as young becomes the freeloader, and Sang-woo has to bear all the pain and put in the effort.

Semantic Error
Semantic Error

Frustrated by the conditions, Sang-woo decides to present the project alone and kick out the rest of the project members. 

But here comes the twist in the season as the project was essential to continue with the scholarship. The project earned an ‘F’ Young, and his aspirations to study abroad got crushed and became nearly impossible. The situation devastates Young, and he is furious about all that took place.

He becomes desperate to find the person because of who his dreams go to drain. Young finally gets hold of Sang and decides to make his life hell. He starts doing small-small things that Sang-woo hates and never misses a chance to get on his nerves. Sang-woo finally caves in, but in this process of making Sang-woo pay, Young falls for Sang-woo and starts loving him. 

The show will be 8 episode business with each episode of 30 minutes. The show will air every Wednesday and Thursday and will complete its streaming on the 10th of March, 2022.

‘Semantic Error’ Episode 1 and Where to Watch It?

The semantic error will premiere on two platforms, one for the global ones and the other for the South Korean fans. For the South Korean audience, the show will premiere on the streaming platform, WATCHA. For the global audience, the series will premiere on Rakuten Viki. 

Since the show has already an animated version of the story that has arrived in the past. The show has a great fan base already, both in South Korea and in the world. Fans already have a liking for the storyline and are eagerly waiting for the web series adoption of the same. 

With the show just around the corner, there is not much left to reveal other than the first episode itself. However, we have mobilized our sources and are keeping our ears to the ground for any last-minute update regarding the show. We will update the same here. So, keep visiting this space for all the latest and exciting updates.

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