Sanditon Season 2- Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Based on Jane Austen’s unfinished novel, Sanditon is one of the best British historical drama series in existence. It features a wide variety of themes, from romance to comedy to courage and greed. The plot is intriguing and lures viewers with its unusual situations, comic caricatures, and heartwarming love scenes. It stars some of the most popular actors, including Theo James, Rose Williams, and Anne Reid. The series currently has only one season and was almost canceled until fans stepped in and ran a campaign that forced producers to give season 2 another thought. So will there be a second season? Or will all of the hard work put in by fans to change the producer’s minds go in vain? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about Sanditon Season 2, including its release date, plot, and cast. 

Sanditon Season 2 Release Date 

Sanditon Season 1 made its debut on ITV in August 2019. It had a total of eight episodes. These were released over a period of 2 months. Initially, ITV announced that it would be canceling the show after Season 1 as it did not want to produce any more seasons. However, this was unacceptable for fans. And they ran a solid campaign for 18 months, and the producers obviously couldn’t disappoint their millions of fans. Thus, they officially announced that Sanditon will not only be returning for Season 2 but that it will also have a third season! 

To bring Season 2 to life, ITV chose PBS Masterpiece and BritBox UK to become co-producers for Season 2. However, the series is still acquired by ITV. Thus the second season of Sanditon will air on PBS Masterpiece, BritBox UK, and ITV. 

Filming is currently underway and will be complete by the end of 2021. We don’t have an official release date as of yet. But according to us, the second season will premiere somewhere in mid-2022.

Sanditon Season 2

Sanditon Season 2 Plot

Season 1 of Sanditon was full of plot twists and turns. And we expect nothing less from season 2. The previous season ended with a band as we saw Sidney marry a rich girl leaving our adventurous heroine, Charlotte Heywood, heartbroken. Moreover, she also left her favorite place on Earth because of a boy! However, it has been confirmed that she will be coming back to the resort/town for another exciting romance in Season 2! Unfortunately, her love story with Sidney is over for good, and he won’t even be returning for Season 2.

This was confirmed by Theo James (the actor who plays Sidney), who said, “Although I relished playing Sidney, for me, I’ve always maintained that his journey concluded as I wanted it to. The broken fairy-tale-like ending between Charlotte and Sidney is different, unique, and so interesting to me. I wish the cast and crew every success with future series.” This in no way means that Charlotte won’t have many more adventures. The program-makers have told fans that there will be “an abundance of romance and adventure” for Charlotte in Season 2. 

Sanditon Season 2 Expected Plot

Season 2 will feature 2 new men falling in love with Charlotte after she returns to Sanditon nine months after Sidney shattered her heart. Will, our heroine, be able to trust the Sanditon men ever again? Or will she reject them both in fear of getting her heart broken? Additionally, the army will also be setting up their base in Sanditon, which will set up a whole new world of challenges, potential romances, and friendships for the inhabitants of our favorite town. 

The official synopsis of Sanditon Season 2 is: “The drama will continue to follow the high-spirited and independent heroine, Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams), as she returns to the picturesque coastal resort of Sanditon. Charlotte’s journey is one thread of an intricate tapestry of compelling stories full of intrigue, excitement, and romance. Against the backdrop of beautiful vistas, familiar faces return, and new inhabitants are introduced – all of whom will be having adventures as joyous and surprising as the seaside town itself.”

Sanditon Season 2 Cast

The cast for Season 2 will remain more or less the same with a few new additions. The following actors have been confirmed for starring in Season 2. 

Rose Williams as Charlotte Heywood in Sanditon Season 2

The young heroine is headstrong and loves adventure.  

Kris Marshall as Tom Parker in Sanditon Season 2

The owner of Sanditon lives and dies for his resort. 

Crystal Clarke- Georgiana Lambe

A wealthy woman of color who will be one of the main characters of the second season. 

Turlough Convery- Arthur Parker

The youngest Parker’s brother loves to diagnose himself with illnesses. 

Anne Reid- Lady Denham

An old-fashioned and insanely wealthy widow who gained all her money by marrying a rich man. 

Kate Ashfield

Jack Fox- Edward Denham

Nephew of Lady Denham, who is quite charming. He is uncaring and stubborn and will cross all limits to get what he wants. 

Charlotte Spencer- Esther Denham

A fair-skinned maiden who is Lady Denham’s niece. She hopes to inherit her aunt’s fortune after she passes away. 

Lily Sacofsky-Clara Brereton

A poor, sweet, and kind girl who lives with Lady Denham. However, she is not as innocent as she seems and has some pretty dark incentives. 

Kevin Eldon- Mr. Hankins

The religious man of Sanditon is quite boring. 

Adrian Scarborough- Dr. Fuchs

The doctor of the luxurious resort. 

Alexander Colbourne-Ben Lloyd-Hughes

A handsome, mysterious hunk who has his own history of complex family drama. He is one of the two men who fall in love with Charlotte. 

Colonel Francis Lennox- Tom Weston-Jones

A war hero who will be one of Charlotte’s potential suitors in Season 2. 

Rosie Graham- Alison Heywood

One of Charlotte’s younger sisters with a free spirit like hers. She comes to Sanditon with her sister to embark on an exciting love affair. 

Maxim Ays- Captain William Carter

Alison’s love interest. 

Frank Blake- Captain Declan

One of the army members who are quite courageous and a little ungroomed. 

Alexander Vlahos- Charles Lockhart

A dashing young lad who is an artist. He comes to Sanditon to paint portraits of the fashionable, wealthy inhabitants. 

Sanditon Season 2 Trailer

Since filming is still in progress, there is no trailer for Sanditon Season 2, and we probably won’t get one until early 2022. 

We will be sure to update you guys once we get any new information on Sanditon Season 2.

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