GamesRise Of The Third Power Finally Receives A Release Date

Rise Of The Third Power Finally Receives A Release Date

Rise of the Third Power is a vintage, gamepad roleplaying game partly based on the late 1930s political situation in Europe. The narrative is set in the continent of Rin during the height of the Age of Sail and follows the events that led to the greatest battle in the history of mankind.


Danger Entertainment has revealed an official launch date for the long-awaited title Rise Of The Third Power for PC and other platforms. The public had kept their attention on this game since 2017 since it is a total return to the classic RPGs of the SNES era of gaming.

It was created by the two-person team at Stegosoft Games. And, based on the current teaser (down at the bottom), it’s evident that this was a labor of love.

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Throughout the 35 hour journey, you will be able to form a group of up to eight distinct individuals, all with their different backgrounds, aspirations, and characteristics as they attempt to avoid a war and depose the Arkadyan emperor.

The game’s development took a long time, but we now know it will be published commercially on February 10th, 2022. There’s no news on a physical version, but we wouldn’t be surprised if one was in the plans.

The previous Incidents

2A, 1587 – It has been 15 years since the cannons of the Great War finally fell silent. The war shook the world, killing half a lifetime of men and women on the battleground. Only two characters remained from the many that had performed on the international stage: the monarchy of Corinthia and the old Republic of Tariq.

Rise Of The Third
Rise Of The Third

Dimitri Noraskov, a warrior of the vanquished Kingdom of Arkadya, emerged from the ashes in time. He considered his monarch to be a coward for surrendering and a traitor for agreeing to the Treaty of Even heart. People felt the same way.

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They backed Noraskov when he deposed the monarch. They stood behind him as he regained the territories that had been taken from him. And they backed him up as he formed an army. Korsakov hypothesized that the world’s countries were still too exhausted by the Great War to execute the Treaty’s obligations. So far, his venture has been a success.

What’s new?

The Arkadyan Empire’s aggressiveness shows no signs of abating. Many people believe that a re-enactment of the Great War, which might have been avoided in the past, is now all but unavoidable. However, some people feel it can still be halted… Rise Of The Third Power is a handwritten letter to the glory days of console-style RPGs, complete with modern conveniences like auto-save and a blend of the greatest features of Japanese and Contemporary gameplay and literature.

Enjoy this combination of East and West, old and new, in a game designed to outperform Stegosoft Games’ prior work in every way, in a game built to surpass Stegosoft Games’ past work in every way.

Driven By Story – Join a group of eight people, each with their own set of goals, viewpoints, and personalities, as they embark on a suicide mission to depose the Arkadyan emperor, Dimitri Noraskov. Players will experience a mix of humor, drama, and tragedy as they navigate Rin’s perilous environment.

Political Intrigue – As Rin’s planet heals from the Great War, the distribution of forces stays unbalanced, with power vacuums still waiting to be addressed. The player’s group will be besieged and supported by schemers, liars, and backstabbers, all while the time counts down to a reenactment of history’s greatest conflict.

Custom Fighting System – Rise of the Third Power has eight-character customization in a battle system designed from the ground up, each with its own set of strengths and limitations, and all of them are designed to fight alongside one another without the need for laborious party management. Combine each character’s distinct advantages and drawbacks, study your opponents’ talents, select your formation, and rush into combat.

Persistent Equipment – Each bit of kit discovered, acquired, or stolen serves as a permanent, one-of-a-kind improvement for each character. Instead of buying replacements, the player spends his money on improvements. No more spending money on an excellent helmet in town just to find a good one as loot in a dungeon.

Involvement Of Mature Content

The developers confirmed some of the mature contents as follows:

  •       Alcohol Consumption
  •       Animated Blood 
  •       Crude Humor
  •       Language 
  •       Fantasy Violence

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