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Release Date, Price, and Skins For The Valorant Lunar New Year Tigris Bundle

The Lunar Year has just started and the blessings have already begun! Because reportedly Valorant has revealed the new Tigris Bundle in honor of the new Lunar Year. But will the bundle cost you or is it completely free? You’ll read all about its details below!

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The new Tigris Bundle will commence with a new batch of Skins. Riot has also announced other gifts like a gun, buddy, spray, and more. The Valorant Points will come to use somewhere, so make sure that you have plenty of them stacked up already.

The Special Event pass and the Tigris collection have proved to be quite successful because gamers all around the world are talking positively about its updates. But there is still time for them to launch in the store. However, they are just around the corner!

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The Lunar Year has started from today (1st February) and Riot has its own way of gifting the players. The skins will be introduced for the following characters:

  • Phantom
  • Shorty
  • Spectre
  • Operator
  • And a brand new melee skin as well

Although the past Valorant updates have been as per the mark the upcoming skins and the Tigris Bundle are coming to make up for it. The Free Event pass will let you unlock various costumes! But why has Valorant decided to launch the Tigris Bundle?

As mentioned before these complimentary updates are as a gift for the Lunar year which is also known as the Year of Tiger. But for how long will these celebrations last? Are they for an unlimited period of time or will this offer expire after 15 days? 

The official Twitter account of Valorant revealed in a Tweet:

“Enter the Tigris. We’re bringing out the beast during this Lunar New Year with the Tigris skin line and a free Lunar Celebration Event Pass.”

Release Date

We do not have a confirmed release date for Tigris Bundle yet. However, experts have predicted that the Bundle will be available once the Protocol 781-A skin line expires. Which can be tomorrow. So, expect the Bundle to be available for use from 2nd February. As we are still awaiting official news we are not sure. So, make sure that you bookmark this page as in case of any urgent news we’ll update this site at the earliest. 


However, the skins will become available this week only. Because this is the peak time for Lunar New Year celebrations.


Regarding the price of the Tigres Bundle, we do not have any information on it either. Valorant has kept the major details about it under the sheet, hopefully, in the coming days, we’ll get to know more about it. 

The skins that are available in the bundle have quite distinctive color themes; red, black, and golden. The pictures for these skins are out on the official page. So, in case you want to have a look head on to the site! 

Moreover, this package is for a limited time only. Hence make sure that you avail it in time before you run out of the privilege. Because this is inarguably a once-in-a-lifetime chance! The complete list of rewards is not public either. But somehow we do know that the Tigres Bundle will include; gun buddy, tiger spray, a player card with Sage, Jett, and the latest Neon.


In the official trailer, all skins were shimmering because of their outstanding color themes. Not just in the trailer but in their official pictures as well! The latest Melee skin is coming to rule the upcoming bundle. Because it is best for those players who are always looking for a more noticeable melee weapon. 

For now, Protocol Skins are still quite popular and the upcoming ones will only become available once these expire. So, if you still haven’t experienced the Protocol ones make sure that you do soon! Because they will most likely get outdated with the release of the bundle. 

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