PS5 stock UK – live Game and BT restocks are available now

Following PS5 stock’s release on 16th July, the stock has unfortunately gone short because of its high demand. The consoles are also harder to find in both the UK and USA. if you’re also looking out for PS5 stocks, we have you covered with the following article! All stores from which to buy PS5 stock UK are mentioned below. 

Where to buy PS5 stock UK?

PS5 stock have been available in the UK for a few weeks. However, their availability also depends on their quality and the retailers. Some restock faster, and some have other policies. So, you’ll have to keep that in mind. Here is the list of places that you can get restocks from:

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  • Amazon (last PS5 restock was on 6th July). It restocks every 4-6 weeks, and the consoles go out of stock in just a matter of minutes.
  • Very (In stock now!) They restock once a month. 
  • Game (In stock now). It restocks every two weeks. So, in the UK, you’ll find the PS5 stocks easily here. 
  • Currys (last restock was on 15th July). You can avail the bundles from an online store. But it tends to be a bit more expensive because of all the excess things in the bundle.

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  • PlayStation Direct (last restock on 1st July). This one depends on luck. Because you have to first register yourself by putting in the details, and then the store will email you if you qualify for it. This is a brand new Sony’s branch in the UK.
  • Argos (last restock on 30th June). The restocks take place once a month, so you can check out their stores. And who knows, you might get lucky!
  • Smyths Toys (last restock was on 10th June). As there are a limited number of consoles, you have to be quick. 
  • ShopTo (last restock on 1st July). 
  • BT Shop (In stock now).

So it is all about luck! You can also avail PS5 stocks from independent retailers. 

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