Ozark Season 4 Official Release Date and More

If you have never watched the binge-worthy crime series Ozark, now is the time to start. Because this year will see the last of it as it’s finally wrapping up in season 4. That is all you need to know about the upcoming Ozark Season 4

The story of the show revolves around a family who faced many problems while working for a Mexican drug cartel. They do money laundering for the cartel. The base of their schemes is Missouri. All three seasons of Ozark reached heights of popularity among the viewers.

It became one of the most viewed original crime shows on Netflix. This might be sad news for the show’s fans that the fourth season is also the last season of the show, but the good news is that it will be a long-term season consisting of 14 episodes and must be fun and a roller coaster ride for the viewers.

Ozark Season 4 Official Release Date and More

Ozark Season 4 Release date

Ozark season 4 consists of 14 episodes. These episodes are further divided into two parts. Each is consisting of seven episodes. Netflix announced the making of this one of the most viewed seasons in June 2020. Netflix does not confirm the release date, but as per rumors, the first set of episodes are expected to come by the end of 2021. However, the second half set of episodes will be ready by March of 2022.

Filming Information

The filming of Ozark season 4 started in November 2020. Nevertheless, due to the strict Covid-19 safety protocols, the filming process might get affected.

According to a recent interview of Jason Bateman, he said he wouldn’t be directing the first two episodes of this season as it can jeopardize fellow actors’ safety. Being the main lead, Bateman can’t bear to get sick because if he gets sick, the filming will stop for several days. So, to be safe, he won’t be directing any episodes this season. Bateman further added that currently, their focus is to end the series with a bang. However, there’s still no update on whether the filming of the first part has finished until now or not.

The cast of Season 4

Ozark Season 4

The show’s lead cast is, like always, Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde, the man who became a money launderer from a financial advisor. The second main cast is Wendy Byrde, i.e., Laura Linney, who became a realty lobbyist leaving behind political PR. A part of the local crime family and another main lead returning this season is Julia Garner as Ruth Langmore.

Other cast includes the following:

Sofia Hublitz will be seen as Charlotte Byrde, Marty, and Wendy’s daughter. Skylar Gaertner plays the role of Jonah Byrde, their son. At the same time, Felix Solis is playing Omar Navarro, the head of a Mexican drug cartel. The head of the Kansas City mafia is Maya Miller John Bedford Lloyd as Frank Cosgrove.

Apart from them, some new cast has also been appointed. This includes Bruce Davison as retired Illinois Senator Randall Schafer. Others include Alfonso Herrera, Bruno Bichir, Adam, CC Castillo, and Katrina Lenk.

The Plot

Ozark season 3 featured a heavy divide and cartel war between Marty Byrde and his wife Wendy, leading up to an ending that left the fans in shock. In season 4, Marty & Wendy are already having deep problems with Navarro. Additionally, the return of Ruth and her working for Darlene Snell will stir more problems? And are the Byrde’s capable of transforming their biggest mistake into the biggest opportunity they ever had? These are some common questions that we’ve in our heads regarding season 4.

But no one knows for sure what this season will bring. The Audience is waiting impatiently for the final season to come and answer their queries. However, all the climax that previous Ozark seasons brought makes it worth the wait.

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