EntertainmentNo Exit Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer & Latest News

No Exit Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer & Latest News

No Exit is an upcoming thriller film that is directed by Damien Power. It is based on a novel by Taylor that goes by the same name. No Exit is produced by Scott Frame and edited by Andy Canny. The American movie has music by Marco Beltrami and Miles Hankins and distributed by 20th Century Studios. 

No Exit: Release Date 

No Exit will be released on February 25, 2022. The film will be distributed in the United States by Hulu. Later, in 2022, the movie will be available in Disney+ through the Star+ content hub for international audiences, Star in Latin America and Southeast Asians can enjoy the movie in Disney+ Hotstar. 

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No Exit: Plot

The plot of  No Exit revolves around a college student who gets stuck with a group of strangers during a blizzard at a mountain rest while on her way to visit her mother.

The suspense in the movie begins when the discovers a child that has been kidnapped. This new twist puts the entire group in a life-or-death situation. The story then revolves around the fight for survival by escaping and further, the aim to discover the kidnapper amongst the group. 

No Exit: Cast 

The cast of No Exit includes Danny Ramirez, Dennis Haysbert, Havana Rose Liu, David Rysdahl, Dale Dickey, Mila Harris, Benedict Wall, and Kristy Hamilton. Most of the cast of No Exit comprises relative newcomers. 

No Exit
No Exit

No Exit: Trailer 

The trailer of No Exit is released on YouTube by 20th Century Fox Canada. In the trailer, the viewers can see that Liu’s Darby receives a call saying that her mother is in a hospital and she is in rehab. She wants to visit her mother but she is warned that if she leaves the rehab, she will be back in the prison.

However, Darby still makes the bold decision to escape, and then she finds herself in a remote rest amidst a blizzard. She can then be seen along with a group of strangers who are also stuck there because of the story. Later, when she moves outside in search of a signal, she encounters a kidnapped child stuck in the car.

Now she is in a situation, where she knows that one of the strangers is a kidnapper but she does not know who is the kidnapper and thus, the life and death struggle can be seen in the video. 

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No Exit: Production 

The feature rights were given to Taylor Adams by 20th Century Studios on October 10, 2017. To produce the film adaptation, Scott Frank came into the picture. Later, on March 12, 2019, it was decided that Damien Power will be directing the film. The movie finally wrapped its production in New Zealand on June 29, 2021. 

No Exit: Book 

The book titled No Exit is authored by Taylor Adams and it was published on June 25, 2017, by Joffe Books. The average rating of 87,642 readers on Goodreads for the book is 4.03. The synopsis of the book is what the viewers can see in the trailer of the movie.

The synopsis of the book indicates that there are four strangers trapped in the blizzard and a kidnapped child is in the picture along with a young woman who is determined to save the kidnapped child.

What makes the situation extremely interesting is the fact that they are stuck in a blizzard, there is no help for miles and in addition to that, there is no cell phone reception and telephone. All these elements introduced by the author make the book a thriller read. Other books by Taylor Adams include Hairpin Bridge, Eyeshot, and Our Last Night. 

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