Need for speed unbound game Release Date, Trailer and Gameplay Revealed

Do you want to know about the Need for Speed Unbound game? Are you wondering when the game will be available? We have gathered all the essential details about the Need for Speed Unbound game for you in this article. So continue reading to learn more about your favourite game!  

The past decade has not been kind to Need For Speed. There were several ups and downs. Various reboots and games were introduced. However, they didn’t quite live up to the expectations of the players. Criterion has again taken control of the series and revealed new details about the upcoming instalment.

On October 6 at 11 a.m. ET, the trailer for Need For Speed Unbound game, premiered. The game was postponed this year, and though EA hasn’t officially released the title, it was leaked in June.

According to the rumours, it will be called Need for Speed Unbound and have a different aesthetic from the other games in the series.

What is The Release Date of Need For Speed Unbound Game? 

Electronic Arts have confirmed that the next Need for Speed game will launch on December 2, 2022. As for now, it will be available only for current-gen consoles and PC.

What is The Release Date of Need For Speed Unbound Game?
What is The Release Date of Need For Speed Unbound Game?

On November 29, 2022, you may start pre-ordering Need for Speed Unbound on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. As has been known for some time, neither a PlayStation 4 nor an Xbox One version is in the works.

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Is There Any Trailer for Need for Speed Unbound?

EA has released the first official trailer for Need for Speed Unbound, somewhat ahead of schedule after months of speculation and leaks.

The new trailer highlighted the game’s stylized, cel-shaded design, a radical departure from the series norms. It evokes strong comparisons to anime. As a series, Need for Speed has favoured a more photorealistic aesthetic in the past, but the upcoming game will take a completely new approach.

The reveal trailer does not refer to last-gen systems like the PS4 or Xbox One, suggesting that players will need a current-gen machine to enjoy the game.

Gameplay of Need For Speed Unabound Game

 The gameplay of Need for Speed Unbound looks promising. It could even hold its own in a fashion showdown with A$AP Rocky. The new instalment features a visual style that differs considerably from previous series games. All thanks to its innovative use of both actual automobiles and street art.

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In the official story description for Need for Speed Unbound, we learn,

“Step into the world of Lakeshore City when a heist at a family auto-shop tears two friends apart and marks the ascent from novice to top racer on a drive to win the ultimate street race and return the precious car that was stolen.”

With Need For Speed Unbound, heist-style street racing is front and center once again. The player’s journey through the fictional city of Lakeshore begins at The Grand, the site of the city’s largest illicit racing competition. The player assumes the role of a novice race car driver and must complete a series of events and races to earn the reputation needed to advance.

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The graffiti-inspired visual design suggests that cop pursuits will play a significant role in the game, much like they did in Criterion’s last total Need for Speed game, Hot Pursuit. As the player, you take on the role of a racer seeking to win The Grand, a street racing competition in Lakeshore.