Music Leader Spotify is about to produce a Smart Speaker, suggest Vacancies

Spotify Connect currently let users stream their music via third-party speakers, Televisions, etc. These physical products are possible to become smart speakers to challenge Apple and Amazon’s Echo. Second option for podcasting service is to produce device similar to iPod. Advertisements on the company’s website suggest that Spotify is near to developing its first-leading physical products.

Some of the vacancies at Spotify include Operations Manager – Hardware Product, Project Manager – Hardware and Engineering Production and Product Analyst – Product Hardware. The announcements of Operations Manager is clear-cut indication that Spotify is all set to create its First Physical Product. They are clearly organizing for Production, Distribution, Sales and Marketing of it.

Responsibilities for this job also suggest that Spotify is sufficiently advance in one or more products so that it will briefly begin talking to vendors and planning distribution, if not already. He also says that you will define and manage the distribution, Stock, Logistics and customer support for our Hardware products. You’ll also work with our partners to deliver the best Spotify experience to Millions of users across the world.

However, above all you work will have a major impact on how the world experiences Music. The Project Manager announcement calls the new product ‘Connected Hardware’, implying something like a Smart Column. but of course it can also be a smartwatch, a headset or any smart product.

He further adds we are looking for a passionate Project Manager with experience in the production of hardware and engineering. So, he can contribute to the creation of an innovative Spotify experience with hardware.

These are not company’s first job announcements suggesting the immediate arrival of a hardware product. Recently smart columns have gained huge popularity and Spotify as well as Apple’s HomePod can’t use it. But, can be set manually on Google Home and Alexa devices.

It seems like these job listings show Spotify is serious though about producing hardware but its not sure when and where these products will be available. Its streaming service has reached over 70 million subscribers worldwide so it is possible to advert physical products globally.