EntertainmentMr Mayor Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot Trailer‐ What To Expect

Mr Mayor Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot Trailer‐ What To Expect

Starring Ted Danson and Holly Hunter, Mr Mayor is NBC’s hit sitcom series that has received praises from critics all around the world. It features the story of a rich businessman who has just become mayor. His life undergoes major changes and he must struggle to cope with them.

The plot is full of comedic situations and ironic plot twists. The series currently has one season with a second one releasing soon. Will this upcoming season be the last one in the show? Will Mr Mayor come to an end with just two seasons? Or is there a possibility of it getting a third installation? Keep on reading to find out the latest updates about Mr Mayor Season 3.

Mr Mayor Season 3 Release Date

Airing in January 2021, Mr Mayor won the hearts of viewers in the first 30 minutes of the first episode. The show was quick to become popular and received the green light to produce a second season. This upcoming season will air in March 2022. 

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As for Season 3, the producers haven’t said anything about it as of yet. They’ve neither canceled nor renewed the series. However, keeping in mind the series success, we really hope that it isn’t canceled after the second season.

If all goes well, Season 3 of Mr. Mayor will begin production in April/June 2022 and premiere in spring/ summer 2023. 

All released episodes of Mr. Mayor are available for streaming online on Peacock, Hulu, iTunes, and BBC. 

Mr. Mayor Season 3 Plot

Mr Mayor Season 3
Mr Mayor Season 3

The official plot details for Mr. Mayor are not out as of yet. However, we know it’ll be just as funny and exciting as its predecessors. 

The third season will also deal with Neil Bremer adjusting to his life as mayor. To make the series exciting, the producers will probably add in a few obstacles for Bremer. Additionally, his relationship with his daughter will also be a major part of the third season’s storyline. 


The main cast of Mr. Mayor will most likely return to star in the third season. 

  • Ted Danson plays Neil Bremer, i.e the struggling mayor. 
  • Holly Hunter plays Arpi Meskimen. She is the deputy mayor of Los Angeles and has a strict and professional attitude.
  • Vella Lovell plays Mikaela Shaw. She is the chief of staff in Neil’s office and a social media influencer.
  • Mike Cabellon plays Tommy Tomas, the chief strategist in Neil’s office. 
  • Kyla Kennedy plays Orly Bremer, Neil’s daughter. Her relationship with her dad is not really the best and the two struggle to see eye to eye. 
  • Bobby Moynihan plays Jayden Kwapis, the communications director in Neil’s office. 

Mr Mayor Season 3 Trailer 

Filming for the third season is yet to begin. Thus, a trailer will take quite some time. In fact, fans may have to wait as late as early 2023 to get their first looks at the third season.

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