Lucifer season 6 Spoilers Release Date, Cast, Trailer

The journey that started in 2016 with Lucifer Season 1 is about to end! And with that, all the drama and evil of Lucifer will also end! This is because Lucifer Season 6 is the last in the series of Lucifer, The Lord of Hell turned into God of the World.

Season 5 was supposed to be the last season of Lucifer, but things changed as fans wanted more. And so the team at Lucifer delivered (and quite soon, in fact). Lucifer season 6 was renewed, and all the production details were put in place to the point that we now have a release date and lots of other spoilers. So dive in and find out more about the world of Lucifer Season 6.

Lucifer Season 6 Release Date

The third time’s a charm! Especially in Lucifer season 6, which was canceled two times before being renewed one last time as the final season. Moreover, after the dramatic ending of Lucifer Season 5, we thought that we’d get some time to recover from it before season 6 releases. But no! That’s not going to happen. The show producers have made an official announcement at the ComicCon[at]Home and their Twitter page giving out the release date. The upcoming final season will premiere on Netflix worldwide on Friday, 10 September. In addition to this, all 10 episodes will fall into one go. This means that viewers may easily watch the whole series.


The cast of Lucifer, as Lord of Hell, is led by Tom Ellis. He’s a civilian consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department when he gets bored of his life and manages a top-class nightclub named Lux.

Lucifer season 6 Spoilers

He also portrays Michael, the twin brother of Lucifer, who takes his position on the return of Lucifer to Hell.

Other Lucifer cast members include (both new and old):

  • Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker, Lucifer’s LAPD partner
  • D. B. Woodside as Amenadiel, Lucifer’s older brother
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen, a demon friend of Lucifer who works as a bartender at Lux
  • Scarlett Estevez as Beatrice Trixie Espinoza, Chloe and Dan’s daughter
  • Rachael Harris as Dr. Linda Martin, Lucifer’s therapist and mother to Amenadiel’s son Charlie
  • Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez, a  forensic scientist for the LAPD
  • Inbar Lavi as Eve, the world’s first human and Lucifer’s former lover
  • Scott Porter as Carol Corbett, an LAPD detective
  •  Kevin Alejandro, as investigator Daniel “Dan” Espinoza, LAPD detective and former spouse of Chloe.
  • Merrin Dungey as Sonya, a figure at the L.A. Police Academy
  • Brianna Hildebrand as Rory. 


Lucifer Season 6 takes place near the end of season 5, section two at the dramatic steeple. Lucifer and Michael went to the throne of God’s head to head in the final episode. Lucifer came up. However, without considerable faith, his rise to God’s status did not arrive. Submitting her to paradise, Michael stabbed Chloe with a tree of life. For season 6, the weapon of choice can be important, with the tree of life and the stubble of Chloe’s pregnancy in the abdomen.

Fortunately, Lucifer flew to heaven and brought Chloe down to the earth, although he was not in love with her before telling her that he was. Moreover, Lucifer will also be seen solving lots of mysteries. Tom Ellis confirmed this at the ComicCon[at]Home as he said:

“he’s got quite a few mysteries to solve in season 6.”

Moreover, after Dan filed a petition on his behalf shortly before his death, Aminadiel may elect to follow Dan’s footsteps and become a police officer. Maze is a step closer to her dreams as well. Not only was she reunited with Eve, but Maze could also become the Hell Queen if Lucifer keeps his promises that his Godly powers will appoint her.

Linda met her son Adriana, whom she had abandoned when she was born in season 5. Perhaps, given Alexandra’s dad and her brother technically, is an angel, Alexandra will be introduced to the magical world.

I hope that things will also become good for Ella, who was unlucky in love over Lucifer’s last five seasons. After all, her last partner was Pete Daily, a Serial Murderer. She was introduced to Carol Corbett, a friend of Dan’s, at Dan’s funeral in Lucifer Season 5. And we will get to witness the couple explore their relationship in the last couple of episodes. This is because Joe Henderson said the following at ComicCon[at]Home:

“So much of what we were building in season 5 was Dan leaving a legacy, and one of the things he tried to do with his dying breath was, to a certain extent, is introduce Ella to someone he thought might be good for her. That is definitely something we will explore in season 6.”

Ella is the only one who does not know the true identity of Lucifer, and maybe the truth will come out in Season 6. There are many unanswered questions that fans have. And season 6 will probably answer them all since it is the last season.

Lucifer Season 6 Trailer

For Lucifer Season 6, there is a short teaser trailer. But instead of teasing about what will be in the upcoming series, the teaser is a montage from Chloe and Lucifer’s first kiss to Eve’s arrival on Earth (basically, some of the most remembered moments of the show in years). An official trailer isn’t available yet. It will probably release in August, just a couple of days before the season actually airs.

Lucifer Season 6 Episodes

Lucifer season 6 will consist of 10 episodes. Their titles are already available on the internet:

  • Lucifer season 6, episode 1, Nothing Ever Changes Around Here
  • Lucifer season 6, episode 2, Buckets of Baggage
  • Lucifer season 6, episode 3, Yabba Dabba Do Me
  • Lucifer season 6, episode 4, Pin The Tail On The Baddie
  • Lucifer season 6, episode 5, The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar
  • Lucifer season 6, episode 6, A Lot Dirtier Than That
  • Lucifer season 6, episode 7, My Best Friend
  • Lucifer season 6, episode 8, Save The Devil, Save The World
  • Lucifer season 6, episode 9, Goodbye, Lucifer
  • Lucifer season 6, episode 10, Partners Til The End