Loop8: Summer of Gods Release Date Announced in Japan in New Trailer

XSEED’s RPG Loop8: Summer of Gods has a March 16, 2023, release date for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One and a March 21, 2023, release date for PC through Steam. Marvelous has also announced that the game will be available for purchase both physically and digitally.

Moreover, the game will be available for the Western World around the same time in spring 2023. However, the official release date still has to be announced for these parts of the world. Updates on the game are constantly being reported with the help of trailers and social media.

Loop8: Summer Of Gods Trailer

Two trailers are available for Loop8: Summer Of Gods. The second trailer has just recently been released and announces the official release date for Japan. It also gives a glimpse of the game and the characters in it. You can watch the trailer below:

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Loop8: Summer Of Gods Announcement

XSEED and Marvelous have also announced what the game will be about. They have given an overview of the game so that players know what they are signing up for when purchasing it.

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Enter the RPG as Nini, a teenager who has just arrived in Ashihara, a small Japanese town, in August 1983. He has come from the space station Hope to Earth, thinking of it as a safe place, only to find out that Earth is about to be in danger. So, Nini must make bold decisions, understand the people around him and become friends. Because he will need as much help as he can get when having a face-off with Kegai.

Loop8: Summer of Gods Release Date Announced in Japan in New Trailer
Loop8: Summer of Gods Release Date Announced in Japan in New Trailer

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Since the Earth is in danger, you must help Nini save it. Try to use Nini’s unique connection with the gods to save the earth. Ask them to reset earth, giving Nini and his allies a chance to relive the 8th month again and again as they all try to make things right. In the end, either the Kegai or Nini and his friends will win.

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Loop8: Summer Of Gods will be available for purchase for $49.99 digitally and $69.99 physically as a part of the Celestial Edition. Stay tuned for more updates on the coming-of-age RPG!

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