TechLG Velvet 5G: All you need to know about the design

LG Velvet 5G: All you need to know about the design

LG Velvet 5G design and specifications are announced through the official teaser that is released by the company. LG Velvet 5G is about to launch soon and promises high performance along with great features. It is given symmetrical curved sides that make it look sleek and elegant. 

LG Electronics has an excellent track record when it comes to phones, and this is another milestone in its timeline. The device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 5G and supports the headphone jack.

LG Velvet 5G Colors Options and Design

The announcing video commenced with a raindrop falling on the screen, showing off its triple rear camera. It is confirmed that LG Velvet 5G would be launched in four colors: white, sunset, grey and green. On the left side, three buttons can be noticed, and on the right side, there is one button. In the teaser it was called “mass premium”, this indicates its lower prices and high-performance efficiency.

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The raindrop at the front is designed to accommodate the front camera and a 3D arc design, where the sleek edges of the front and rear are symmetrically structured. Its cascading rear camera is named as ‘Raindrop camera.” It has a 3.5 mm audio jack that is the key selling point of this ready to launch device.

Despite its thin body, the audio jack is enabled, all due to DAC codec support. The SIM card tray and secondary microphone are positioned on top. The phone is supported by a C-Type USB port for charging. The device is expected to be out for sales in South Korea by the end of May. The exact dates are not officially announced. The company is expected to disclose more details soon.

While speaking of the body, the design is unique and classy with a rollable screen that rolls out from the right to give a tablet feels. It proffers some portion of the screen to perform quick functions that optimize its performance and upgrades its goodness.

Well, to support it, there is a stylish stylus too. On the top, there is a main earpiece and a single camera. The slim profile has bezels running around the screen lock with a tiny raindrop that is cascading the selfie camera.

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