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Kitz Season 2 Release Date Updates and More [complete Info]

Today we are back with some interesting updates about your favorite show  Kitz. This show is going to be released on Netflix and all the fans of this mystery thriller cannot wait to watch the show. The first season has 6 episodes and we are also expecting some new seasons of the show really soon. However, is there going to be a season 2 of Kitz? Do not worry we have updated everything for you in this article. 

As we all know the first season of the show had ended with a lot of questions in our mind and it is of no surprise that all the fans are eagerly waiting for the season to be back with a more exciting plotline for us. If you haven’t watched the series yet then this is the call for you to watch it. And once you do so will be totally in love with the series. The first season left us with a lot of questions in mind at the end of the first season and we can’t wait to see the second season come back. So here is everything we have gathered for you for this amazing show!

Total Number of Seasons of Kitz

As of now, there is only one season of the show and you can watch the show on Netflix if you haven’t watched it already. The first season has a total number of 6 episodes and the average duration of each episode is from 41 to 45 minutes.

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Is There Going to Be a Second Season for  Kitz?

As of now, we do not have any further updates about the second season of the show. However, we are hoping the shoe will be out anytime soon. Netflix is yet to announce the renewal of the show but with such a huge fan base and such a hit show we are expecting it to be back anytime soon.

The first season of the show was released on 30th December 2021 and as not much of the time has passed for the show we are expecting that Netflix will be announcing it at any time. It is also possible that once Netflix has more viewers on the show they will renew the show. And do not worry we will definitely keep you updated if any updates as such have been made 

Kitz Season 2 Release Date

As Netflix has released the series just now we are expecting that the series will be renewed anytime soon. If we put our best guess then it is most probably that the second season of the show may be released by the end of 2022. Netflix always releases its original series with a gap of 1 year and as the first season of the show was released in December 2021 we are expecting the second part to be released in December 2022. 

Kitz Season 2 Release
Until and unless an official announcement has been made by Netflix we are not sure about this. We will keep you updated once any updates have been made.

Kitz Season 2 Cast

If the season is renewed by Netflix we are expecting that the entire cast of season 1 will be back for the second part as well. However, as we know when a star dies in the first part of the series it is most likely that she won’t be a part in the second season. She could be present in all the flashback scenes but unless any update has been made by Netflix we cannot comment on that. Below mentioned is the list of some expected cast for the second season. 

  • Lisi Madlmeyer( by Sofie Eifertinger )
  • Dominik Reid( by Bless Amada )
  • Kosh Ziervogel( by Zoran Pingel )
  • Hans Gassner( by Ben Felipe)

We are also expecting that the supporting characters will be back for the second season as well and some new characters might also be added to the show  

Kitz Season 2 Plot

As no official announcement for the 2nd season has been made yet we do not have a clear idea about the official plot of this show. But we do have some idea of what might happen in the second season. The first season ended with Lizzy finding out that her brother wasn’t the one who was responsible for Vanessa’s death but her love interest was actually the one responsible behind death.

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We might see that Lizzy will take revenge on Dominic. However, we are not sure about the entire plotline until and unless Netflix has announced it

How Many Episodes Are There in the Second Season of the Show?

In that, the second season of the series might also have six episodes just like the first part. However, it is also possible that the second season may have more series that are 8 or 10 episodes. As the first season was completed within the 6 episodes there is a chance that the second season might have more than 6 episodes as well. So do not forget to watch þKitz Netflix and stay tuned with us for all the upcoming updates about your favorite shows and your favorite characters.

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