Kill Boksoon Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

Kill Boksoon is an upcoming South Korean crime action movie that has gotten fans eagerly waiting. This is because Korean movies and television shows have always been a blessing! 

The movie previously premiered at the 73rd International Film Festival, and in a few days, it will hit the small screens. The director and cast of the movie are pretty exciting. It is why we are expecting top-notch entertainment from Kill Boksoon. 

Kill Boksoon: Release Date

Kill Boksoon will premiere on March 31, 2023, on Netflix. However, the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival marked the movie’s world premiere on February 18, 2022. 

Kill Boksoon Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer
Kill Boksoon Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

The movie’s cast was finalized on January 4, 2022, and soon after that, the filming began. Unfortunately, actress Jeon Do-Yeon suffered an injury while filming, and the filming stopped for a few days. However, she soon returned after her treatment, and the filming resumed. Despite the filming beginning last year, the makers have done an excellent job in wrapping the movie in such a short time. 

Kill Boksoon: The Plot

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Kill Boksoon revolves around Kill Bok Soon, a single mother. Interestingly, she is one of the world’s deadliest assassins. She has a 100% success rate in all contract killings. M.K Ent is run by Cha Min Kyu, who taught Kill Boksoon how to kill, and Bok Soon works for him. Even though both hold mutual respect, things take a turn of twists. 

Just when the Kill Bok Soon contract is up for renewal, the characters’ loyalties are tested. Bok Soon gets involved in a case events get so deadlier that it narrows down to kill or be killed. The movie comes with the tagline, “A Life of Lies Can Kill, ” and belongs to the action and thriller genre. 

The Cast

In Kill Boksoon, Jeon De-yeon will be seen as Girl Boksoon. She is a famous Korean actress who previously won the Best Actress award for acting in Secret Sunshine at the 60th Cannes Film Festival. Her other notable works include movies like Untold Scandal, Emergency Declaration, and You Are My Sunshine. 

In addition, the movie also features Koo Kyu-hwan, a Parasite actor. Koo will play the character of Hill Boksoon’s competitor. E Som will portray the role of Gil Boksoon’s employer and Sul Kyung-gu. 

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Other famous faces in the movie include Kang Soo-yeon, who also features in the Netflix movie, “Jung_E.” Additionally, Hwang Jung has a cameo role in the film. 

Byung Sung Hyun is the director of the movie. Hyun’s few best-known directing films are Kingmaker and The Merciless.


The final trailer for Kill Boksoon is out. In the trailer, Gil Boksoon tells someone she works for an event planning company. But the frame then shifts to reveal the true nature of her work, and she is with a case-filled spy weapon. In the next scene, she talks to her employer and says that she believes her job is easier than raising a kid. Then, the viewers can see her doing her job, which means a scene filled with action scenes.

Even though the movie belongs to the thriller genre, it has a playful energy that burns down the tension. The movie poster matches the trailer and features Boksoon walking with a barrel of a gun. 

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So, what can you expect from the movie? A lot of action sequences and bloodshed for sure! If you aren’t sure whether you should be watching Kill Boksoon, we recommend you look at the trailer.

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