Kid Cosmic Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and More

Today, viewers of Netflix’s Kid Cosmic cartoon series should rejoice for two reasons. The streaming giant has renewed the show for Kid Cosmic season 2 and season 3. It has also unveiled its second season trailer.

Seven months after the first season aired, the second season of the show is just a couple of months away, meaning that fans will have two seasons in that year and many new episodes are already on stage for season 3.

Craig McCracken, renowned for bringing a fan-favored Cartoon network to life, created Kid Cosmic. Kid Cosmic. He was joined by Francisco Angones once again in his team with Lauren Faust.

Kid Cosmic season 2 Release Date

In March Craig McCracken tweeted “Kid Cosmic” for a second season. He is quite active on social media, keeping his projects up-to-date with followers, often replays and thanks audiences for their support. One fan claimed the final was excellent after season 1 and left him craving season 2.

McCracken said in February that Kid Cosmic was the best option for fans to support him and his team. He advised more enthusiastic admirers to stay patient.

It is too early, though, to determine when Netflix will fall for the second season.

Due to the pandemic, the production of the cast and the team from home was slow in the first season. The following season could drop slowly, a little earlier than predicted, however, a later release date can be feasible.


Although it is most likely that new characters will be launched, it is reasonable to anticipate that the primary and supporting voice players are back in the next season.

These will include,

  • Jack Fisher as Kid Cosmic,
  •  Amanda C. Miller as Jo,
  •  Lily-Rose Silver as Rosa,
  • Tom Kenny as Stuck Chuck,
  • Fred Tatasciore as Tuna Sandwich,
  • Keith Ferguson as Papa G,
  • Cree Summer as Queen Xhan,
  • Christian Lanz as Crimson Vision,
  • Grey Griffin as Violet Varnish,
  • Eric Bauza as Emerald Wing,
  • Phil LaMarr as Golden Swarm,
  • Michaela Dietz as Blue Behemoth.


It seems like life is back to normal for Kid and his crew after the end of the first season of Kid Cosmic following the Stones handed to aliens. Normality is broken, however, when Queen Xhan, who possesses the Stones, notifies you the Planet Killer, Erodius, has returned. With a new task, everyone gets sent to the outside: to defeat Erodius all 13 Stones.

Kid Cosmic season 2

Although the details of what happens in Season 2 are not many, fans can expect Kid, Jo, Rosa, Papa G, Tuna Sandwich, and Stuck Chuck to band up and utilize their strength to combat more aliens and find the rest of the Stones. We could also deepen characters, especially children, who could face unresolved problems with the deaths of their parents and Stuck Chuck, who is no longer an antagonist at the end of the Final.

Kid Cosmic season 2 Trailer

In the teaser for Season 2, which dubbed the show Kid Cosmic and the Intergalactic Truckstop, Kid Cosmic and his squad go to space. Here they try to survive the meteor shower, and face many more perils, with the customary references to star wars and to marvel thrown here and there. You can check out the trailer on Youtube as you wait for the release of Kid Cosmic season 2.