Constipation is a common problem that is affecting the quality of life of many people. Its causes are many and to the majority of the people, these causes and symptoms are unknown. You can get constipation with the way you live, eat or sleep.

If there is a prevalence of less than three bowel movements every week, it is an indication that you have constipation. There are many other symptoms that a person suffering from this discomfort might come across. They are difficulty in passing stool, dry and hard poop as well as abdominal bloating. 

There are many ways in which you can avoid constipation. These are mentioned here:

  • Fiber intake:

Those who have been experiencing the issue of constipation are suggested to consume more fiber. It is because fiber has the ability to maintain the consistency of bowel movements. This would let the stool to pass easily! Apart from that, many people have also suggested an enhanced frequency of varied bowel movements. 

  • Exercising:

On asking about the most prominent tactic for avoiding constipation, many have suggested exercising. However, according to some studies exercising has showcased mixed results on constipation. It is said that the exercises hail with an ability to reduce the symptoms associated with constipation. 

  • Coffee:

Coffee is way too tasty and you would be awestruck on seeing that it actually has a great role to play in improving constipation. On drinking coffee, you will feel an urge to repeatedly go to the bathroom. It is because coffee has always led to a stimulation of the muscles in a person’s digestive system. 

  • Probiotic supplements: 

If you want to maintain a distance from chronic constipation, you can seek assistance from the probiotic supplements. It is often entailed that chronic constipation occurs due to imbalance of bacteria. With the help of probiotic foods, this balance is going to maintain leading to the prevention of constipation. 

  • Prunes: 

Prunes are an effective remedy for controlling the worsening of constipation. They are natural and thus, you don’t have to worry about any kind of risk. Prunes contain a high amount of fiber. Not only this, they also have the natural laxative sorbitol contained in them that is a kind of sugar alcohol. It is said that prunes are way more beneficial than fibers. Also, they are easily available in the market. 

  • No dairy products:

If you are fond of dairy products and you can’t even tolerate a single day without their consumption, it might cause constipation. Since these have an effect on your gut movements, you can experience chronic constipation issue. If you can’t imagine no dairy products, then we have an idea for you. How about temporarily removing them from your diet? Yes, you can do that and see your constipation’s symptoms improve! 

  • Add on veggies: 

If you add on the veggies to your food, it is going to improve constipation and would also, lead to a decrease in its symptoms. You just have to eat two cups of fruits each day! Else, you can make sandwiches, salad, snacks or any other meal such as cereal. It totally depends on how are you going to use the veggies. Ultimately, what all you need is an addition of veggies to your healthy diet so that the symptoms of constipation are decreased. 

  • Beans:

Beans are a savior and if you are consuming them, it is surely going to give you an improved lifestyle. You can replace meat with beans and eat it at least twice every week. Feel free to add them up into your salads, bean soups or even the stews while serving them as the main course.

They can facilitate you with the constipation relief. You just have to take about 10 grams of fiber and mix it with other vegetables. Eat the fusion and gain some relief from constipation. 


Constipation is a way too irritating problem and you shall have to try out many tactics to avoid it. There are many diet plans as well as other foods available if you are intending to maintain a distance from this nagging issue. You need to ensure that you are not at allconsuming any kind of food that is difficult to digest. It is the one that leads to constipation and discomfort too!