Honkai Star Rail Kafka Abilities, Release Date, And How To Defeat?

One of the most memorable characters in Honkai Star Rail is Kafka. She first appeared in Honkai Star Rail during the introduction as a playable character. Sadly, soon the gamers lose access to Honkai Star Rail Kafka. The gamers can now only get her as a party member in the game once the banner makes it possible to pull her out. Unfortunately, many fans are still confused about when the Kafka banner is coming out. It is why Honkai Star Rail Kafka is one of the most searched terms. It seems like everyone wants to get their hands on Kafka. 

Honkai Star Rail Kafka: Release Date

It is hard to determine the release date of Honkai Star Rail Kafka. However, according to speculations, there is a high chance that Kafka will appear in the 1.2 update of the game. This update will probably release in July 2023. A well-known leaker also reveals the same. 

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Abilities 

The official abilities of Honkai Star Rail Kafka still need to be announced. However, based on rumours, the three highlighted abilities of Kafka include midnight tumult (basic attack), caressing moonlight (skill) and twilight trill (ultimate). 

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Abilities, Release Date, And How To Defeat
Honkai Star Rail Kafka Abilities, Release Date, And How To Defeat

The midnight tumult (basic attack) first deals with the lightning DMG. Then we gave caressing moonlight, which allows the player to use Kafka to tackle the target enemy. Twilight Trill (ultimate), on the other hand, deals with fire DMG, equivalent to 60% of Trailblazer’s DEF to all enemies. 

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Her passive talent includes being gentle but cruel. Another technique which gives her abilities a significant boost is Mercy Not Forgiveness. 

The Build 

First and foremost, Kafka is a five-star lightning character. Furthermore, she treads the path to Nihility. In other words, she is an expert in debuffing her enemies, which subsequently reduces their overall power. Also, she specialized in Aoe attacks. In this attack, Kafka can inflict damage on the enemies through shock. 

Considering the build of Kafka, it is recommended to aim for relics, as it will increase both her lightning damage boost along with the damage that she does. 

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Regarding her ability, the gamers are also interested in knowing which light cone is best for Honkai Star Rail Kafka. The best light cone for her at present is “In the Name of the World”. This light cone increases the wearer’s damage to debuffed enemies by 24%. Furthermore, the effect hit rate increases by 18% and ultimately, the total attack increases by 24%. The second best option in the context of the light cone is “Eyes of the Prey”, as it increases the effect hit rate of the wearer by 20% and the DoT by 24%. 

How To Defeat Kafka In The Game?

Kafka is one of the strongest characters, which requires gamers to put everything that they have to the test. Furthermore, gamers must make themselves familiar with the attacking pattern of Kafka. In addition, one needs to find the best way to use their abilities and weapons. 

To defeat Kafka, it is essential to avoid her moves as much as possible. One should especially try to defend themselves from her energy blasts and lightning bolts. Also, the Kafka boss fight is a Quicktime Event in the game. Therefore, the players must hit the button as quickly as possible to follow the events. 

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Additionally, please remember that Kafka can teleport and further take the help of minions to support her. Subsequently, the players will have to deal with the damage caused tactfully while at the same time dodging her attacks.

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