Family Reunion Part 5- Release Date, Plot, and More

Full of heartwarming situations, exciting family affairs, and stomach hurting laughter, Family Reunion is a staple Friday night show for every family. The series gets renewed every year for a new season ever since the first one aired in 2019. With the latest season aka Family Reunion Part 4 debuting in August 2021, fans are curious to know about the series future plans. Will there be a fifth part? Or has the McKellans journey come to an end with the fourth one? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about Family Reunion Part 5 including its release date, plot, and trailer.

The Family Reunion Part 5 Release Date

Like most family sitcoms, each season of Family Reunion is split into two parts. The first part of Season 1 aired in July 2019. It was followed by the second half six months later (including a standalone Christmas special in between). Part 3 and 4 of the series are two halves of Season 2 with the former debuting in April 2020 and the latter airing in August 2021. 

Unfortunately, Part 5 of Family Reunion has not been renewed by Netflix as of yet. However, keeping in mind the recent release of part 4, it is too early to assume that the series has been canceled. Plus, let’s not forget that the latest part ended on a major cliffhanger and thus, it is almost mandatory for the producers to give fans the fifth part! 

Based on statistics and past release patterns, fans should expect to see new episodes hit their screens somewhere between spring and summer of 2022 if Part 5 is renewed by December 2021. 

The Family Reunion Part 5 Cast

The main cast of Family Reunion will be returning for Part 5 including 

  • Tia Mowry-Hardrict- Cocoa 
  • Anthony Alabi- Moz 
  • Talia Jackson- Jade 
  • Isaiah Russell-Bailey- Shaka 
  • Cameron J. Wright- Mazzi  
  • Jordyn James- Ami 
  • Loretta Devine- M’Dear aka Amelia 
  • Richard Roundtree- Grandpa M’Dear 


M’Dear’s reluctance to celebrate her birthday because of her friend’s recent death ended Season 4. But she eventually decides to attend her surprise party and spend some quality time with her family. Meanwhile, the children learn of their parents’ financial difficulties and resolve to assist them by acquiring a job. Cocoa and Moz reveal that another baby is on the way towards the end of the episode. Although there are light and musical moments in Part 4, the McKellans address a closeted family member. And also handle the tragic legacy of the N-word. 

Family Reunion Part 5

If Part 5 gets renewed, we may expect some crazy times for the McKellan family, especially with a new baby on the way. The fifth chapter could possibly be about Cocoa’s business struggles when she’s pregnant. The kids’ employment lives will also be documented in part 5 including their struggles to make ends meet.

The Family Reunion Part 5 Trailer

Family Reunion Part 5 has yet to be announced, let alone filmed. So there is no trailer available at this time. As additional information becomes available, we will be sure to update you guys.

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