Education Technology Post-COVID | Benefits of EdTech for Students

The coronavirus pandemic and the related social distancing have affected all sectors of society, including education. To minimize interruption of learning, educational institutions have had to adapt and embrace technology. As a result, there has been an unprecedented push towards online learning.

The bottom line is that the pandemic has reshaped our world, and school closures have accelerated the need for educational technologies. This article highlights some of the benefits of educational technology during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Online Learning Improves Access to Quality Instruction

One of the best things about applying technology in the education sector is that it allows online learning, which increases access to competent instruction and invites various learners. In addition, regardless of your economic, geographic, or cultural background, you can access quality education from any part of the world without even having to travel.

During the pandemic, the growth of remote learning has increased the focus on the online learning industry and its potential benefits. As instructors, administrators, learners, and parents struggle to understand the remote learning dynamics, educational technology companies have stepped in to offer solutions.

Of course, most schools are starting to resume face-to-face instruction. However, most colleges have chosen to combine online and in-person instruction. The benefit is that this allows people who would have otherwise not access top learning institutions to pursue learning programs of their choice.

All one needs is a stable internet connection. Learners can also use online platforms to engage essay writer service providers.

  • Learning Management Systems Improve Efficiency

Teachers use learning management systems to deliver digital lessons, share course material with students, and track learner progress. The benefit is a more efficient process that streamlines the work of teachers by centralizing several features on a unified platform.

Education Technology Post-COVID | Benefits of EdTech for Students

A learning management system is essentially a school software application intended to support the development and implementation of an educational program. The systems support the effective distribution of class materials, including lesson objectives and resources. The resources can also be delivered in diverse formats. Most importantly, learning management systems allow parents to access class schedules and outlines.

  • Educational Tech Supports Afterschool Learning and Tutoring

Another benefit of educational tech is that it extends the learning environment beyond the school. Many online platforms can supplement the learning offered in schools and colleges. Today, students are active participants in their education, able to search for and retrieve learning material.

According to research, this individualized approach to education is highly effective. Many after-school learning platforms have also emerged during the pandemic, and students can now get help with projects on platforms. The options allow learners to get additional assistance with course content or pursue learning on their own time.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality Enhance Student Engagement

Another benefit of technology during and after the pandemic has come in virtual and augmented reality. Virtual reality, for instance, produces an immersive three-dimensional environment that students can explore. On the other hand, augmented reality superimposes digital aspects like sound and visuals to the learner’s surroundings.

These tech options improve learning outcomes and make instruction enjoyable. Students can interact directly with the course material. Evidence shows that virtual reality is ideal for highly technical subjects like medicine and engineering.

Students with learning disabilities also benefit from the immersive nature of virtual reality tech. For example, a recent study found that learners with autism could apply the skills learned in virtual environments in real-world scenarios.

  • Facial Recognition Tech and Biometrics Improve Safety and Focus

Another element of tech that will likely see a greater application in the education sector after the pandemic is biometrics and facial recognition tech. The tech scans the user’s body parts such as fingerprints, eyes, and other facial features to identify people. The applications of these tools vary, ranging from identifying learners to checking attendance.

Also, the tech can be used to guarantee the safety of learners within colleges. For example, thumbprints used to track attendance can notify teachers and parents when students don’t get to school on time. Another possible use of face recognition technology is to check student attentiveness during lessons using facial expressions.

  • Gamification Makes Learning Interactive

Another crucial educational tech that transforms learning is gamification. The tools are intended to increase student engagement and motivation. They incorporate gaming design aspects such as badges, rewards, storytelling, and levels in learning environments.

By designing lessons as games, teachers encourage learners to face and finish various objectives and challenges. As a result, gaming promotes student retention and improves engagement. It also enhances knowledge retention.

Education is essentially a legacy sector where changes take years of research and practice before they are fully embraced. Although education tech has what it takes to transform learning in the post-COVID era, some challenges have to be addressed. Issues relating to privacy and possible misuse require immediate attention.

Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi
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