Eden Season 2: Release Date Cast and Plot

Eden is an original anime series created by CGCG studio incorporation and Qubic pictures. It is a sci-fi series mixed with the aroma of adventure. The anime is by Justin Leach whose famous works include Star Wars which you can easily catch up on Disney plus. Moreover, this series is directed by Yasuhiro Irie known for “Fullmetal Alchemist” and written by Kimiko Ueno.

The series is named after Eden, the fictional utopian universe, and centers around a girl named Sara Grace who was raised by robots. By this time in the future humanity has vanished on earth and there are only robots who rule the world.  The first series of Eden was released on Netflix on the 27th of May 2021 consisting of only four episodes.

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Each episode had a run time of 30 minutes. Although the first series was not very long it created a different place in the hearts of fans. The astounding visuals and graphics accompanied by a very unconventional storyline set the grounds for the widespread popularity of the series.

The story of a world inhabited by robots where humanity has completely terminated, except for a girl who is being raised by two of the robots named E92 and A37 created a lot of curiosity amongst fans. The fans are waiting to see how the story unfolds ahead but the question is will there be the next season and if yes when is it going to air?

Eden Season 2

Here Is All That You Need to Know About Eden:

The Release Date:

The first part of the series received a lot of praise and positive reviews, although Netflix has not yet officially announced the renewal of the series the producer’s comments on social media hinting at a new season have made the fans hopeful. This exchange took place on Twitter, where he responded to a fan’s request regarding Eden Season 2 saying ‘I would love to! It is in the hands of the fans now’. Are these words directing hinting towards the series next season?

Well, several fans think that there is surely going to be a new part of the series as the storyline has engaged the viewers with gripping curiosity and there’s so much more in the story yet to unfold. Moreover, Netflix has a trend that many of its series renewal is based on the viewership like DOTA: dragon’s blood, Hero mask.

Well after Leach’s remarks regarding the Eden season 2 it can be estimated that Eden season 2 will be released in the year 2022 or it may take a year more and might release in 2023. The soonest possible release of Eden season 2 that fans might get is 2022. Let’s see.

The Cast:

It’s uncertain that there might be the addition of a new character in Eden season 2 based on Leach’s remark regarding Eden season 2. However, most of the characters might be the same as season 1 so it is understandable that the previous voice cast may return. But the characters who have died will not appear. 

Rosario Dawson played A37 while David Tennant performed E92. The villainous character of Zero was performed by Neil Patrick Harris. The main character who is the last hope for humankind, Sarah, was played by Ruby Rose Turner.

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The Plot:

The show’s engrossing plot around human and robotic warfare evolves as Sarah is found in a hibernating pod by two robots who entranced by her cuteness decide to keep her but the series antagonist, Zero, senses that a human might be amongst them leading to a chase and run to keep Sarah safe from the malevolent Zero.

We don’t know a lot about what to expect from Eden season 2 but humans might learn to co-exist with the robots. By the start of Eden season 2, we may likely get to know more about how humans have realized their past mistakes that resulted in their demise. They will work on establishing the utopia Sarah has always imagined.

A large amount of audience is waiting for the official announcement of Eden Season 2 so that they may once again get a taste of the fascinating world of sci-fi and adventure.

Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline is Entertainment Reporter at OSN.