E.U. Pledges $1.15 Billion In Afghan Aid As U.S. Talks To Taliban

On Tuesday, 12th October, the European Union promised 1 billion euros i.e $1.15 billion to support Afghanistan “to avert a major humanitarian and socio-economic collapse”, as said by Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission President, she further added to the context that he Afghan people “should not pay the price of the Taliban’s actions.”

The European Union assured 1 billion euros to help the Afghan people and for that, the group of twenty nations has taken a vow to hasten the support on Tuesday amidst worries that an already precarious humanitarian and financial situation will tend to develop catastrophic by the winter.

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What Was Demanded By The G-20 Leaders At Virtual Summit?

At the virtual summit which was held by Italy, the G-20 leaders demanded that the Taliban government permits humanitarian access over Afghanistan, hold back Kabul Airport and borders of the country open and also assure the safety for U.N. humanitarian and diplomatic staff as well. Along with these demands, they also reiterated earlier demands of respecting the rights of women.

What Did Italian Premier Mario Draghi Say About The Meeting?

As stated by Italian Premier Mario Draghi, the meeting depicted the initial multilateral counter to the crisis faced due to the withdrawal of United State Forces in August from Afghanistan and due to which the Taliban succeeded in acquiring the country.

He also said that discussions would be important with the Taliban to get humanitarian support. But he said that such connection with no means incorporated a political recognition of the Taliban, who he said is going to be “judged for what their deeds are, not their words.”

“The government as we know, it’s not inclusive, it’s not representative,” he added. “Women’s rights, so far as far as we can see, it seems like they’re going back 20 years.”

E.U. Pledges $1.15 Billion
E.U. Pledges $1.15 Billion

G-20 leaders- Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin were presented by ministers while the President of the United States Joe Biden addressed the virtual summit, assigned the United Nations with the task of coordinating the humanitarian feedback, and asked the international financial institutions to make sure the operation of the financial system of Afghanistan.

Afghan Economy On The Edge Of Destruction

The United Nations has already cautioned that the Afghan economy is on the edge of destruction. Before the Taliban acquired Afghanistan, the country was dependent upon international support which assessed for around 75 percent of state spending and since the assets remain frozen in the United States and other nations, remitments from international organizations have been also kept on hold, and hence, Afghanistan is striving from a liquidity crisis.

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Angela Merkel, who is a German Chancellor said to reporters in Berlin after the summit that “We all have nothing to gain if the entire monetary or financial system in Afghanistan is collapsing because then humanitarian aid can no longer be provided either.”

The European Union declared a support package during the meeting amounting to 1 billion euros ($1.15 billion), which also contains 300 million euros ($346 million) which had been promised earlier. The package aims to focus on the Afghan population only and neighboring countries that have been the first to extend immediate support. 

EU Doesn’t Intend To Legitimize The Taliban Interim Government

The EU stays careful not to legitimize the Taliban interim government. As said by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, “But the Afghan people should not pay the price of the Taliban’s actions,” further added, “This is why the Afghan support package is for the Afghan people and the country’s neighbors who have been the first in providing them with help.”

The White House said the U.S. “remains committed to working closely with the international community and using diplomatic, humanitarian, and economic means to address the situation in Afghanistan and support the Afghan people.”

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In a video, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed the virtual summit that the international community must have to keep the channels of dialogue open with the Taliban to “patiently and gradually steer” it towards forming a more inclusive administration. He further reiterated that Turkey, which already drove over 3.6 million Syrians, cannot be given more burden with an intrusion of migrants from Afghanistan, alerting that the European nations would also be impacted by a new rush of migrants. He said, “It is inevitable that European countries will also be affected by the migration pressure that Turkey will be exposed to on its southern and eastern borders.”

Erdogan proffered the formation of a working group of Afghanistan within G-20 and stated Turkey was interested to lead such a grouping. In the context, Draghi said the offer was interesting, from a long time Italy was complaining that it had been left alone to deal with the migration issues of Europe on its own but told that the remaining of the G-20 leaders would also have to give their consent.

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