GamesDiablo IV: The Final Countdown to Release Date Rescheduled?

Diablo IV: The Final Countdown to Release Date Rescheduled?

Diablo IV was previously expected to release on June 6. However, according to the recent rumors making rounds on the internet, the release date of Diablo IV sees a pushback. Furthermore, everyone is now expecting a reschedule for the same. Previously, Blizzard announced the release date of Diablo IV at The Game Awards.

It also confirmed that it would be available on numerous platforms on its release date. The platform includes PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It will be the third main entry in the series after a decade. Therefore the anticipation for it is high, but with the recent rumors, the anticipation might fade away a bit. 

Diablo IV: The Final Countdown to Release Date Rescheduled?

Horns, a Resetera user, gave birth to the rumor that the release date of Diablo IV will be rescheduled. Other users trust him because previously, he accurately predicted Tango Gamework before an official announcement. 

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We followed the thread to learn more about the release date of Diablo IV. Our investigation concluded that the leaker could be more confident about the new release date. Horns did not reveal much about the game except for only questioning the release date. 

Diablo IV The Final Countdown to Release Date Rescheduled
Diablo IV The Final Countdown to Release Date Rescheduled

Furthermore, we should consider the fact that Blizzard has not made any announcement regarding the rescheduling of the release date yet. 

What Is The Confirmed Release Date?

Even though there is no official release time for Diablo IV, we have an official release date. According to the last announcement, the game is scheduled for release on June 6. However, since the statement made at The Game Awards, the developers have yet to make any new announcements. 

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We will update this section if there is a new release date for Diablo IV. Therefore, keep checking this space for more updates. 

Pre-Orders Are Now Available 

The pre-orders for the video game are available, and you can avail of the same if you want early access to the open beta version of the game. The gamers who opt for the pre-purchase will also get the Light Bearer Mount. If you are interested in Diablo IV pre-ordering, check the game’s pricing for different platforms. All the platforms will have the same pricing. However, the game’s price will vary according to the version the users opt for. Listed below is the price for the different versions:

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  • Standard: $69.99 
  • Deluxe: $89.99 
  • Ultimate: $99.99

Diablo IV: Trailer 

The trailer for Diablo IV is out. After seeing the trailer, the viewers could not help but say that the cinematic of the game is gorgeous. Furthermore, the trailer indicated that the gamers’ expectations would be fulfilled. In the first official gameplay trailer, the developers set a tone for the game by showing the game’s three characters in combat. After the initial gameplay trailer, the makers also released two more trailers to reveal two more game classes for the gamers. 

The rogue trailer of the game confirms that the game houses a stealthy assassin class. On the other hand, the rogue trailer of the game revealed that by using the hordes of the dead, the gamer could summon a dark caster. The Classes of the Game 

It houses the following four classes:

  • Druid 
  • Barbarian 
  • Sorceress
  • Neuromancer 

In addition, the game will house the new stats: Angelic Power, Demonic Power, and Ancestral Powers. 

The High Hopes From Diablo IV 

The preview of the game, along with the trailer, ended up leaving all the gamers with high hopes. The character customization choices are especially impressive. Also, the game is fast-paced; therefore, the gamers will only need to wait a while to lay their hands on something new. If you are one of the fans eagerly waiting for Diablo IV, stay tuned to us, and we will update you if there is any change in the game’s release date.

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