Chicken Run 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, And More

Chicken Run, an animated family-friendly comedy, aired first in 2000 when most of the world had just started finding ways to use the internet and there was scarce exposure about graphics and animations. This blockbuster animated film took movie theatres by storm with its astounding animations.

Aardman, a well-known animation house, collaborated with DreamWorks, to create this masterpiece which has garnered immense fame over the last two decades. Even after two decades down the line, we are still yet to find a better competitor of Chicken Run as the highest-grossing stop motion animated film.

Everything we know about Chicken Run 2

There isn’t much that we can tell about the releasing date of the amazing animated feature film, Chicken Run’s 2nd sequel. The anticipating conversations going on for the last two decades about the production of a second sequel will finally see an end as on the film’s 20th anniversary, the production company, Aardman, announced their partnership with Netflix, for premiering Chicken Run 2. In our personal opinion, we expect it to get premiered on our screens in about the second half of 2022, but it may vary.

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For the fans from 2000, the wait has been long but surely it will not be in vain as the second sequel will probably live up to all the hype that Chicken Run 2 has hoarded after being partnered with the global movie and tv shows premiere streaming site, Netflix. Netflix took to Twitter to announce this amazing news for the Chicken Run’s fans around the world on Tuesday, 23rd June. 

Chicken Run 2
Chicken Run 2

“We think the long patient wait for the fans should end, as we are delighted to announce on the 20th anniversary, a perfect storyline for the sequel worthy of Chicken Run”, Aardman stated.

What can we expect from Chicken Run 2?

The animated comedy family feature film centered on a group of chickens that are stuck on a farm of a farmer named Tweedy. They sensed that if they do not make efforts to escape, they will end up being pies soon. After a lot of attempts and all of them failing as Tweedy traps them, they end up making a flying device and are finally able to escape away from Tweedy’s farm to an island free from humans. 

From what we’ve heard and the fan’s expectations, it can be gathered that the sequel will start from the end of the first film, ‘the chickens’ life on an island. 

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In Chicken Run 2, after a life-endangering escape from Tweedy’s farm to a free island free from humans, Ginger, the female chicken, has finally been able to have her dream come true of living in a calm and non-violent land with her whole group.

The birth of Molly, little girl, of Rocky, the male chicken, and Ginger, made a happy ending for the first film. But back there on the mainland, their whole group gets surrounded by dangerous threats. But Rocky, Ginger, and their team are all set to help them even if it means putting at stake their hard-earned freedom. 

Will the cast be the same?

It will be early to say anything about the cast for the sequel of Chicken Run, but it’s highly expected that the producers will go with the same old cast of the 2000 premiere first edition. Julia Sawalha as Ginger, Mel Gibson as Rocky, Tony Haygarth as Mr. Tweedy, Miranda Richardson as Mrs. Tweedy, Benjamin Whitrow as Fowler.

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Is the trailer for Chicken Run 2 out?

There haven’t been any announcements so far for an upcoming trailer for the stop motion animated film Chicken Run 2. But there may be one in the near future. We will keep you updated with the news. Stay tuned for more!

Abhimanyu Sangwan
Abhimanyu Sangwan
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