Chicago Fire Season 10 Release Date, Plot, and More

NBC’s Chicago Fire will be returning to screens this fall with what promises to be quite a season for the network’s flagship One Chicago series. This upcoming season will be the tenth extension of the series and we are sure it will be nothing short of perfection. The last season, i.e Season 9, ended on a major cliffhanger as the crew ran out of oxygen underground. Thus, fans are particularly excited for the Chicago Fire season 10 release date which will finally quench their curiosity!

Although we don’t know much about the impending season of the Chicago Fire, one thing is certain. Fans will be in for another spectacular season filled with some genuinely incredible episodes. Moreover, Season 10 is particularly hyped up because its first episode will be the 200th episode of the series. Hence, it will be an extra-long mega episode that will be full of juicy plot twists. So when will Chicago fire season 10 episode 1 air? Has filming begun? Will the cast remain the same? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about Chicago Fire Season 10. 

Chicago Fire season 10 release date

Since the dramatic ending of Season 9 on May 26, 2021, fans have been waiting with extreme patience to see what happens next. The wait is now over, as the tenth season debut date has been set by the original network. The premiere date for season 10 of NBC’s “Chicago Fire” has been set for September 22, 2021, at 9/8c.

One good thing that we can remember for sure is the fact that the series got renewed for the ninth, tenth, and eleventh seasons in February 2020. So there should be less downtime in-between seasons. The upcoming season’s production began on July 23, 2021. Kara Killmer, a co-star on the show, also gave fans an update via a humorous video from the set.

Chicago Fire season 10 Cast

The tenth season, like previous iterations of the show, is expected to bring major changes. The new changes will start with Christian Stolte playing the role of Senior Firefighter Randall “Mouch” McHolland. Miranda Rae Mayo will be plating the role of Lieutenant Stella Kidd and Alberto Rosende as Firefighter Candidate Blake Gallo. 

Joe Minoso will play Joe Cruz, a firefighter/chauffeur. Kara Killmer will play Sylvie Brett, a paramedic in charge.

Michael Cognata will play Julian Robbins, Chief Boden’s brother-in-law, in a recurring role. Donna Boden, Chief Boden’s wife, is played by Melissa Ponzio. In other news, Hanako Greensmith’s character, paramedic Violet Mikami, has been upgraded to series regular following two seasons as a recurrent cast member. Other details are unknown so far, though Tuesday, the firehouse dog, will reprise her prior role.

We cannot be sure of the future of Joe Minoso, Taylor Kinney, Randy Flagler, Miranda Rae Mayo, Eamonn Walker,, and Anthony Ferraris. We do however hope and predict that these actors will be returning for the tenth season. 

Chicago Fire Season 10 Release Date

Adrian Rae, who plays paramedic Gianna Mackey in season 10, is the only actor whose departure has been confirmed.

Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 1 

Squad 3 members are caught in a fatal situation in the ninth season’s finale. 

The squad receives a late-night call about an overturned boat with a passenger trapped inside. They rush to the scene of the accident. Here they are able to locate the individual. But the crew realizes that the only exit is blocked! Meanwhile, the rescue team finds out that their cylinders have run out of oxygen after around 20 minutes. Finally, Severide decides to seek another exit.

The tenth installment will most likely continue the tale from the ninth season’s cliffhanger finale. The most pressing question on the minds of viewers is what will happen to Squad 3’s members in the end. We have yet to see if they make it out of danger safe. And the tenth season’s pilot appears to provide an answer to that question. 

As the season begins, we expect the show’s writers to answer many of the mysteries raised by the season 9 conclusion. Such as the fate of Squad members, Kidd’s (Miranda Rae Mayo) future, and whether Boden (Eamonn Walker) will be looking to depart 51 to take a new job in the CFD.

With the show’s 200th episode coming this season, we’re expecting a major episode. Perhaps one with a surprise guest or two. Or maybe the nuptials of a certain engaged 51 couple. Season 10 could bring some fascinating twists in the relationships of several of 51’s couples. This obviously includes Casey and Brett as well as Violet and Gallo. 

Season 10 of Chicago Fire has yet to receive an official synopsis from NBC. One thing, however, is certain, it will be a remarkable and dramatic season.


The trailer for the tenth season of the show has yet to be released by NBC. As NBC ramps up promotion for the forthcoming season, we should get our first official sneak peak at the new season closer to September. So keep checking back for updates!


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