EntertainmentCall Me Kat Season 3 Release Date

Call Me Kat Season 3 Release Date

Wondering when will Call me Kat season 3 be released? You have come across the right platform! We have gathered all the latest updates regarding the series in this article. So continue reading to learn more!

About Call me Kat 

Call Me Kat first came on air on 3rd January 2021 on Fox Television Network. The show is about the British Miranda series. It features the story of a woman called Kat who constantly struggles to prove that she can live a happy and fulfilling life even though she is 39 and single. While she is struggling, the continual pressure from society and her own mother makes her life more difficult. For Sheila (Kat’s mother), being single at the age of 39 is a huge failure. 

About Call me Kat
About Call me Kat

Anyhow, Kat decides to follow her instincts and push away all the societal pressure. She leaves her job at the University of Louisville as a professor and opens a cat cafe using her inheritance money. Meanwhile, her friends also start working for her as a baker. Just when she starts to adapt to her single but happy life, her former crush Max comes back to town. Max starts working just across from Kat’s cafe as a bartender. This is where all the spice begins! 

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When Will, The Third Season Of Call Me Kat, be Released? 

Since season two of Call me Kat was a huge success, its renewal for a third season was inevitable. The upcoming Call me Kat season 3 is set to premiere on 29th September on Hulu. Season 2 had 18 episodes with a runtime of about 20 to 22 minutes. So we expect that season 3 will also have around 18 episodes with a similar runtime.

When Will, The Third Season Of Call Me Kat, be Released? 
When Will, The Third Season Of Call Me Kat, be Released?

Who Is In The Cast Of Call Me Cast Season 3?

The show features some well-known and talented actors, including

  • Mayim Bialik playing the role of Kat
  • Swoosie Kurtz playing the role of Sheila
  • Leslie Jordan playing the role of Phil
  • Kyla Pratt playing the role of Randi
  • Julian Gant is playing the role of Carter
  • Cheyenne Jackson playing the role of Max
  • Christopher Rivas playing the role of Oscar
  • Schuyler Helford playing the role of Brigitte

What Is The Plot of Call Me Kat Season 3?

Are you wondering what is going to happen in season 3? Well, in the finale of the second season Kat the main lead of the show, was heading to Paris. After her break up/split with Oscar, Kat needed some time off to relax. The episode ends with Kat standing on the balcony of her hotel, enjoying the view of the Eiffel Tower. We believe that season 3 will start off from where season 2 ended. Season 3 will premiere on 29th September Thursday. 

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Is There Any Trailer for Call Me Kat Season 3?

At the moment, it’s the trailer. It is not available since the show is still under production. However, stay tuned for more updates.

Some Commonly Asked Questions About Call Me Kat 

Has the show been cancelled?

No, season 3 of the series is on its way!

What is the genre of the show?

The genre of the show is comedy.

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How many seasons are available in the series?

So far, Call me Kat has two seasons. Soon Season 3 will also be available. 

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