Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8: Release date and all Other news

We did not know that fun cop shows were a thing until we saw the first episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine! The show features cute cops and hilarious situations; it is truly a feast for the eyes and the heart. The TV series has broken records and captured the hearts of thousands, if not millions, of hearts worldwide, including ours. Despite having seven long seasons, the show is still in high demand, and fans are requesting for the Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8 to be released as soon as possible.

But is there even going to be an eight-season? Will Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8 be released in 2021? Keep on reading to find out the latest information regarding the release of Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8.

What is Brooklyn Nine Nine about?

The comedy series deals with the NYPD’s Ninety-Ninth precinct that is full of diverse, lovable characters. The team includes an intelligent but careless detective- Jake Peralta, his competitive partner and lover- Detective Amy. He’s not so smart best friend- Charles Boyle, a hard to crack cookie with a tough exterior- Detective Rosa Dias, a loving father of twins who left fieldwork for them- Detective Sergeant Terry Jeffords and their captain- Captain Ray Holt- a serious guy who really knows how to do his job and lead the officers. And, of course- the crew is incomplete without their sarcastic administrator- Gina Linetti. The series follows them on their life-threatening adventures and their struggles to maintain a love life while being on duty most of the time.

Will Brooklyn Nine Nine have an eight-season?

Well, obviously! The show is too spectacular not to have another season. In addition, its fan base grew to 6.5 million viewers upon the release of the seventh season, which is honestly quite impressive.
The official Instagram page of Brooklyn Nine Nine revealed that the show is renewed for a new season in one of the most heart-touching ways possible- by sharing the reactions of the cast when they were told they’d be coming back for another season. We do not know about you, but the announcement was sentimental enough to bring tears to our eyes.

Release date of Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8

Now that you know there will be the eighth season, you are probably wondering about the release date. Unfortunately, we have good and bad news regarding this date. The good news is that it will be airing this year, i.e., 2021, but the bad news is that we do not have an exact release date! But something that might cheer you up is that season seven of the series will become available on Netflix in May, so you can always binge-watch it while waiting for the next season to arrive.

What will happen in this new season?

Brooklyn Nine Nine has never failed to amaze us, and this time will be no different. The eighth season will deal with one of the most important current issues- Black Lives Matter (BLM). The blatant racism between black and white skin tones has always been an issue, but it has recently come into the spotlight after police discrimination leading to the deaths of hundreds of black people. The eighth season of Brooklyn Nine Nine will feature the police force and their take on BLM. Of course, the show will still retain its original humorous style and portray important messages disguised as comedy.

Not only this but the current Covid pandemic will also be featured in the new season! And, of course, we can’t forget about Amy’s pregnancy. We hope the child has the brains and competitive traits of Amy but a fun and worry-free nature like Jake. With so many exciting topics, we can barely wait for the release of the eighth season.

Will there be a new season after the eighth one?

Much to our dismay and disappointment, Season 8 will be the last season of the series, after which it will come to a permanent end. This has broken our hearts along with the hearts of thousands of people because we can never be ready to say goodbye to this one-of-a-kind sensational show.

Final Verdict-

Brooklyn Nine Nine is a show like no other. We honestly can’t decide what we love more- the cast or the plot because both are so spectacular. Now that the eighth season has been confirmed, we can not wait for it to air to make our lockdown life a lot better.