EntertainmentRelease Date for Upcoming Bridgewater Season 2 Revealed

Release Date for Upcoming Bridgewater Season 2 Revealed

Bridgewater season 2 will be back soon to terrorize your ears.

Produced by iHeartRadio and Aaron Mahnke’s Grim & Mild Entertainment, the podcast focuses on professor Jeremy Bradshaw who opens the gates of his past as he looks into the mysterious disappearance of his father, Thomas. It all begins with Jeremy finding some new evidence inexplicably. He then puts a pause on everything in his life and starts looking for answers to understand why his police officer of a father disappeared out of the blue. He pairs up with retired Detective Anne Becker, the former partner of his father, to find clues and answer the questions regarding his dad’s disappearance in 1980, as there might be something dark behind it. 

The first season of the podcast was every bit of brilliance. The writers, the cast and the director, did a fantastic job providing a podcast you could not get bored of. It ended on a cliffhanger, making the listeners even more impatient for Bridgewater season 2 release. So, when can we finally hear new episodes of Bridgewater season 2? Do we have an official release date now? Continue reading!

Bridgewater Season 2 Release Date

The fictional podcast was initially slated to release in August 2022. But this release date had to be delayed because the cast members’ schedules didn’t match. Now, a new release date for Bridgwater season 2 has been revealed by Aaron Mahnke in response to a fan’s tweet. Aaron Mahnke has made it official that the podcast will be available for listening to in January 2023.

Bridgewater Season 2 Release Date
Bridgewater Season 2 Release Date

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He tweeted:

“Yes, @mishacollins is sweet. And far more handsome than any human should be allowed. But I have the info he’s missing: January 2023 is when @BridgewaterPod season 2 will arrive.

And friends…you are NOT ready.”

Bridgewater Season 2 Cast

The cast from season 1 will be back again to narrate their thrilling adventures along with a few new members (whose names are being kept a secret) in 12 new episodes.

Misha Collins will return as Jeremy Bradshaw once again to give listeners chills thanks to his adventures. Melissa Ponzio will return as detective Anne and Karan Soni as Vipin Khurana. Moreover, Nathan Fillion, Joss and Hilarie Burton Morgan will all return to reprise their roles as Thomas Bradshaw, Joseph Hoskins and Shelley Hoskins, respectively. Listeners can also expect to hear Wil Wheaton as Captain Haddock and Kristin Bauer as Celeste.

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Until now, Aaron has only given us a release window, but as soon as he announces a complete release date, we will let you know. So stay tuned to know the latest updates on Bridgewater season 2.

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