BJP will not suffer in 2019 after TDP quits alliance with the NDA

After the defeat of BJP in Lok Sabha by-polls in Gorakhpur and Phulpur the results of by-elections in UP and Bihar concludes that PM Modi is the only image the BJP has. He is the vote magneto. As he didn’t show up in the election campaign in UP and Bihar, BJP loses its judgement by losing LS by-polls.

Adhere to this action, Chandrababu Naidu chose not to work together with the NDA, National Democratic Alliance. Therefore, TDP turn into first party to quit the ruling alliance in 5 years of working of central government. YSR Congress and TDP leaders are demanding individual status for Andhra Pradesh for which they are moving notices of no-confidence in Lok Sabha. This move later result in quitting alliance of TDP with NDA.

“A solution has been put on the table. It is for Andhra Pradesh to decide whether they want the resources or they want to make an issue (out of it),”Arun Jaitley said.

The power party in AP is appealing financial assistance for the harm it has gone through since division in 2014. The Telugu Desam Party (TDP), first draws out its ministers from the central government and have decided to quit the alliance itself, which has 16 MPs in the 545-members of Lok Sabha.

By-polls result:

West Bengal’s CM Mamta Bannerjee termed that BJP has started its beginning of the end. The Samajvadi Party with favoured by Mayawati’s BSP win the Gorakhpur seat by surplus 21,961 votes. In Gorakhpur, SP’s Praveen Nishad won 334,463 votes in Gorakhpur followed by BJP’s Upendra Shukla who registered 308,593 votes. In another seat of UP, Phulpur Lok Sabha constiutency, SP candidate Nagendra Pratap Singh Patel defeated BJP candidate Kaushalendra Singh by a margin of 59,613 votes. Total votes bagged by SP were 3,42,796 while BJP left by only 2,83,183 votes. SP winning contestants were blessed for the huge victory by ‘Behenji’ Mayawati and SP supremo Akhilesh Yadav. Yesterday, in the day the newly elected MP’s and and SP members took oath.

Earlier in the day, the disapproval of opposite parties led the Lok Sabha speaker Ms Mahajan to adjourned the proceedings of the house. As a result, notice for no more confidence against  . Meanwhile, Rajya Sabha was also postponed by the Chairman Venkaiah Naidu due to argument between the Chairman and Congress leaders. The interruptions has been seen by both the houses of Parliament since March 5 after the Budget Session recess.

Yogi Adityanath served LS Constituency Gorakhpur five consecutive times in his political career before becoming state’s CM. But, BJP doesn’t have much to loss as it will win 2019 General Elections as predicted. Because of PM Modi widely spread respect and the great work he has done for the development of India. 67-year old political leader with his innovative ideas has presented India to the world as upcoming world’s new power. With his magic he uprooted the Congress and also non-presence of strong opposition will accomplish BJP’s win in 2019.