Beckett 2- Renewal, Release Date and All Updates

Since the release of Beckett on the popular streaming service, Netflix, viewers have been looking forward to news about Beckett 2. It’s no surprise though! The cast members for the movie are well-known actors and the plot is great to watch on a Sunday evening with some popcorn. Additionally, the director, Ferdinando Cito Filomarino, has managed to capture every scene beautifully and provided us all with a thriller movie of the year.

The plot of the first movie revolves around a young couple, Beckett and April, who travel to Greece on a vacation. But, things hardly go as planned! The couple got into a car accident. And when Beckett wakes up, he discovers that the police are after him. But why is that? You must be wondering. Where did Alex go? You’ll have to watch the movie to find the answer to that. Besides this, Beckett also goes to the US embassy in Athens. Unfortunately, nothing much happens there either. How does he get out of trouble then right? The answers are all in Beckett.

Beckett 2

Beckett 2 Renewal

To date, there has been no official renewal for Beckett 2. This is probably because part 1 was just released a couple of days back. And Netflix, obviously, needs time to analyze all the success and ratings for it before they decide to renew the movie for a sequel

Moreover, the movie ended with no strings left loose. So, it’s pretty much all up to the fans and the success of the movie for a sequel to actually happen. Hence, if you really want Beckett 2, it’s time to watch the movie till the very end and ask your friends and family to do the same. Because in the end, it’s the numbers that matter the most for the streaming service.

Release Date

The movie hasn’t been renewed for a sequel yet. However, if it does get renewed before this year ends, then viewers can expect a Beckett 2 by 2023. 

The first part was officially announced in 2019 and it took 2 years for the movie to get completely ready to be released. And we think part 2 will take the same amount of time. So, if everything does go as planned, Beckett 2 will be available on Netflix by 2023.

This is all that we know up till now. If we get any more updates, we’ll be sure to update them here.

Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi
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