EntertainmentBarney Documentary Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Barney Documentary Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

A Barney documentary titled, “I Love You, You Hate Me”, will shed light on the dark side of the kid’s show. The kid show known as “Barney and Friends” was all about teaching the world kindness and love. However, in the recent barney documentary trailer, it seemed like America did not want to accept the message, and it was extremely shocking for many Americans. The docuseries “I Love You, You Hate Me” focuses on the backlash that Barney’s message received of loving everyone despite the differences.

Barney Documentary Trailer

We will start the discussion of I Love You; You Hate Me with the discussion on the trailer because it is out. The trailer showed faces like Bill Nye and Al Roker, who shared their perspective and stories about how people across the globe went ahead to reject the friendly dinosaur. While rejecting the friendly dinosaur, they also rejected respect and inclusion. Bob West, who was the Barney performer for the happy purple dinosaur, in fact, received death threats along with his family. He described those death threats as explicit and violent.

In the trailer, the voice of Sheryl Leach, who helped develop the show back in 1992, was also predominant, along with Kathy Parker and Dennis DeShazer. Let us now focus on the release date of the show.

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Barney Documentary Release Date

The release date of the barney documentary is October 12, 2022. The documentary covers two episodes, and both of them will be out on the same date. It is a television mini-series and will be available on the streamer and Peacock. Previously, the Peacock announced the docuseries last year in November, and now in less than a year, it will be available to Barney’s fans.

Barney Documentary Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer
Barney Documentary Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

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Barney Documentary Cast

In the series, the viewers could hear commentaries from:

  • Bill Nyle
  • Al Roker
  • Barner actor

The list includes the crew members. Tommy Avallone is the executive producer and director of the show. Trent Johnson and Scout Productions are the producers. The executive producers of the show are

  • Rob Eric
  • Joel Chiodi
  • David Collins
  • Michael Williams
  • Raymond Esposito
  • Wendy Greene
  • Amy Goodman Kass

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The Love and Hate Relationship

While discussing the Barney Documentary, Avallone shared his thoughts and the personal connection he has with the show. He said that the show came out when he was ten years old. He did not understand the dinosaur as a young child. When he became a teenager, on one of his birthdays, he asked his aunt to make a Barney costume. The motive behind it was that his friends and he could beat him up on the camera. As a teenager, he hated Barney. However, now he is on the other side and is no longer a Barney hater. With now children with him, he understands all the efforts and love that went into creating the wonderful purple dinosaur.

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More About Barney & Friends

The Barney Documentary is based on Barney & Friends. It’s now time to talk about this show. The show started in 1992 and lasted till 2010. The show has an IMDB rating of 3.8. The show was designed for young children, and it also tried to convey educational messages with the help of dances and songs. The show was popular amongst the children. However, it drew a strong negative reaction from the old generation, who mocked the primary character of the show. The hatred for the main character was so prevalent that it gave rise to the anti-Barney phenomenon.

Barney & Friends
Barney & Friends

According to sources, most of the criticism of Barney was from his account of denial and his inability to face the unpleasant realities. Also, it is believed that he offered a one-dimensional world to the children where everyone needed to be happy.

Wrap Up

Despite the rising criticism, the show was an immense success, and now we have Barney Documentary to throw light on everything that went behind creating the show.

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