Baby Shark’s Big Movie – Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

Ever heard of the song Baby Shark Do Do Do Do Baby? Well, you probably did, didn’t you? It would most definitely ring a bell in everyone’s mind! And if it does not, it means you are living under a rock. Because it is one of the most sensational children’s songs in the whole world. A song that is loved by all the children and has become parents’ worst nightmare. As it has been repeatedly played in their house over and over again that they have ultimately become sick of it. But, that is not the case for their kids! They cherish this song that has become a pivotal part of their childhood. Seeing its increasing popularity, the stewards of the Baby Shark franchise has finally decided to expand this alluring universe, and they will soon launch a Baby Shark’s Big Movie.

The Baby Shark Song Success:

Who would have thought that when The Baby Shark Song was first released, it could have ever left such a huge impact on its audience with its arrival in 2016? Seeing that, it has been more than six years since its release, yet it remains one of the most popular children’s songs! Indeed, it is a viral hit. And it does not seem to fade away anytime soon. This, more or less, can be validated by the fact that The Baby Shark Dance Video became:

  • The most-watched video on YouTube in 2020.
  • It surpassed Luis Fonsi’s Despacito with a ground-breaking record of 7 billion views. 
  • Moreover, it became the first-ever YouTube video surpasses 10 billion views on that platform.

The creators discernibly caught onto the obvious hint that they have a great profit generator in their hands. Hence, they took the golden opportunity and used it wisely. 

According to the Nickelodeon Animation president Ramsey Naito himself:

“It all started with a great song and grew from there. It’s so exciting that we get to build on that success with a huge event [in the feature film], which we’re just starting to talk about”.

Thus, keeping that factor in mind, they inevitably provided us with this upcoming movie. Luckily for you, we have drugged up all the details, and they are given below.

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Baby Shark’s Big Movie – Release Date Announced?

Currently, there is no information related to the release date of the first ever original animated feature film inspired by The Baby Shark. However, we did get to know from Paramount Plus that it will probably premiere in the year 2023 United States holiday season.

Baby Shark's Big Movie - Release Date Announced?
Baby Shark’s Big Movie – Release Date Announced?

Although, we did find out from our resources that:

  • Alan Foreman (Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Award-winner who helmed Casagrandes and Welcome to the Wayne actor) will be the film’s director.
  • Eryk Casemiro (Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s Animated Program), executive vice president, Nickelodeon Animation, global series content, supervises the project’s production.

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Who is the Cast?

The cast of the forthcoming film is yet to be officially announced, but it is most likely that the voice actors of the preschool series, The Baby Shark’s Big Show, will return for its first feature film.

You did not know about the show? Well, here are are some pointers that you might have missed about the show:

  • It is The Daytime Emmy-nominated hit preschool series.
  • It was launched globally in 2021 on all Nickelodeon branded channels and platforms worldwide.
  • It has been recently renewed for Season 2.
  • The preschool series was ranked #1 on TV in the U.S. for 2Q22.

Pinkfong USA CEO Bin Jeong himself shared with THR that they are willing to further explore The Baby Shark universe:

We’re excited to introduce Baby Shark’s first movie with Nickelodeon. It will be an opportunity for us to introduce new events in Baby Shark’s life that haven’t been explored before. It will still be within the core world, but it’s an opportunity to see what else we can do.

They aim to touch upon some ‘events’ that they were unable to do in the show. So it is a high chance for the show’s voice actor’s to reprise their roles. They are:

  • Kimiko Glenn (Orange Is the New Black)
  • Luke Youngblood (Fast & Furious Spy Racers)
  • Natasha Rothwell (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)
  • Eric Edelstein (We Bare Bears)
  • Debra Wilson (Mad TV)
  • Patrick Warburton (Bee Movie)

Baby Shark’s Big Movie Plot!

The basic plot detail that we have been graced with is that our protagonist, Baby Shark, is forced to leave his beloved hometown to move to a big city. Where:

Baby Shark's Big Movie Plot!
Baby Shark’s Big Movie Plot!
  • He has to conform to the new environment and adjust to what’s in store for him, with his best friend, William, by his side.
  • However, things get out of hand as an evil pop starfish named Stariana plans to steal his talent so that she can spread her control over underwater music.
  • Thus, he must find a way to break free from her evil tactics for the sake of peace.
  • For that purpose, he has to break her spell to maintain harmony in the underwater world.

Baby Shark’s Big Movie Trailer

No official trailer has been released for the forthcoming movie.

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