Asia First Hybrid Flying Car By India About To Launch

The future and flying cars pretty much go hand in hand. And hence, it’s no surprise that many companies are trying to bring that idea to life. Just like that, Chennai startup company, Vinata Aeromobility has been working for a long time on Asia First Hybrid Flying Car which they are going to be unveiling very soon at a Helitech Exhibition i.e. Excel, London. 

The official date for the launch of the autonomous hybrid flying car is October 5, 2021. This is pretty much just a couple of days from now. And honestly speaking, it’s about time flying cars turned into a reality especially with the increasing traffic.

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia has confirmed about Chennai-based startup’s car to be Asia first hybrid flying car via his tweet. The Minister said:

“Delighted to have been introduced to the concept model of the soon-to-become Asia’s First Hybrid flying car by the young team of VINATA AeroMobility.”

Asia First Hybrid Flying Car

He also added that once the concept of the car gets approved and it becomes a reality, the hybrid car would be used for transporting both, people and cargo. Moreover, he also said that this car would be perfect for medical emergency services. 

Asia First Hybrid Flying Car Features

The team at Vinata Aeromobility has some promising ideas for the car. As their goal is to create a flying car that is both, engaging and hassle-free. They want the driver to feel at ease while flying up in the sky away from all the noise and traffic.

To achieve this, they have added digital instrument panels with artificial intelligence. They have also tried to make the car luxurious with a great exterior. The flying car will also have a GPS tracker for easy navigation. And entertainment so the passengers don’t get bored. In addition to this, the initial design for the flying car has a panoramic window canopy which shall provide a 300-degree view making the ride enjoyable. A total of two people can travel together in the flying car. Hopefully, this number will change as the project moves ahead.

Asia first hybrid flying car will weigh around 1100kg. It will be able to handle a maximum takeoff weight of around 1300kg. It will have a cruise speed range of 100-120 km/hour which is great. The highest service ceiling will be around 3000 feet. And the maximum flight time for this hybrid car is 60 minutes.

There is still a lot more to know about the flying car. But we will have to wait for a while until more details are unveiled.


This aircraft will feature an electric battery which will be all made in India. It is the Made in India Hybrid Electric VTOL(vertical take-off and landing aircraft). The co-axial quad-rotor is the Rotor Configuration of choice for the hybrid car. Also, the flying car is highly sustainable as it will run on biofuel.

Asia First Hybrid Flying Car Safety Precautions

In case of any mishap, the travelers will be able to use a parachute. This is because Asia’s first hybrid flying car comes with an ejection parachute. It also features a cockpit that has airbags to ensure maximum safety.

Moreover, the hybrid flying car has been designed with a Distributed Electric Propulsion. This means that the car will have more than one motor and propeller (eight BLDC motors and eight fixed pitch propellers to be exact). So that in case one or more of the motors or propellers go bad, the other motors and propellers can function and help land to safety. 

The Chennai bases startup has thought about all possible circumstances. As if there is any power interruption on the generator of the flying car, the backup power will come in handy and provide electricity to the motor so that the ride is safe and sound.