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Army of the Dead 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Many More

So, for all the fans who loved the movie, here’s we know everything about the Army of the Dead 2”. But before that, let’s learn some facts about it.

Army of the Dead is an American Zombie heist movie.  It is produced by Zack Snyder, produced by Zack Snyder, Wesley Coller, and Deborah Snyder. It is inspired by the movie released in 2004 debut “Dawn of the Dead,” which was also directed by Zack. The story revolves around the group of forces who decide to go to a Las Vegas casino in between a zombie outbreak. The movie is a high-budget film with US$70-90 million, where Zack also served as a cinematographer. The film started reshooting in September 2020 following multiple sexual harassment allegations against cast member Chris D’Elia. Later he was replaced using green screens and CGI by Notaro.

The first installment of the movie became one of the most-watched movies on Netflix, being watched by approximately 72 million viewers within the time span of 1 month and proved to be a big hit for Netflix. Although they also released it in selected theatres on 14th May 2021 in the United States. And, after a week, streaming on Netflix on 21st May 2021. The movie was appreciated by critics and rated 5.8 out of 10 on IMDB. Two prequels are scheduled to be premiered on Netflix, a film named Army of Thieves and an anime television series named Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas

Army of the Dead 2 Release Date

Since there is no official announcement regarding the second part of the movie. And it’s only about a month since the first installment was released. So currently, it is not difficult to say that they will obviously take sufficient time to observe the complete response from the first part. Although Zack said in an interview, he has no problem making a sequel. Because the ending of the movie also calls for a sequel.

Army of the Dead 2 Cast

Towards the end of the first part of the movie, only a few cast members managed to survive. So this makes it very clear that only a few characters from the previous part will make a return, and there will be additions to the cast for sure to the extent we understand. Therefore, the below-mentioned characters may return to Army of the Dead 2.

  • Ella Purnell in the role of  Kate Ward
  • Omari Hardwick in the role of Vanderohe
  • Hiroyuki Sanada in the role of Bly Tanaka
  • Matthias Schweighöfer in the role of Ludwig Dieter

Army of the Dead 2 Plot

Before talking about the synopsis of “Army of the Dead 2,” let us first take a quick recap of what happened in the first installment.

Army of the Dead 2

We saw one zombie flee away from the cargo and Infected and killed most army officers before moving towards the city. Then saw that also infected the maximum population of the city. After the government learned that the army became unsuccessful in controlling the situation, they decided to quarantine the whole city. 

In the end, one hell of a helicopter series put the final touches to the Las Vegas section of Army of the Dead. Which caused the death of all, but fortunately, Kate managed to survive. Unfortunately, Scott’s daughter is provided with the very less amount of money that her father managed to sneak away from the Bly Casino, the main Vegas setting of Army of the Dead. Although, that wasn’t actually the true motive of the heist that happened. The scenario worsened when Vanderohe, the only alive team member, wasn’t feeling so hot.

Protected by the vault in the Bly Casino, he anyhow survives the tiny yield tactical nuke that is expected to wipe off the final enclave of Las Vegas zombies of Army of the Dead. Vanderohe will live it up as he was all set to board a private jet with the money he could take out of the city. But he realized in the washroom that a bite he sustained in his hands of Zeus, and he is also turning into one of the many undead, exactly when he is about to land in Mexico City and movie ended with the last word which he said “F**k.”

Expected Plot

Although this never shows when he caught the bite throughout the movie, we can expect him to be bitten while battling with Zeus outside the vault. Being bitten clearly means that he will turn into an Alpha zombie, but the time he took to turn is comparatively longer than the transformation time taken in the whole movie, so it felt a bit unusual. 

In the second part of the Army of the Dead, we can expect the story to continue, but still, this is at the makers’ discretion and wait till they announce something official.

Army of Dead 2 Trailer

There are no signs of releasing any trailer soon as the sequel isn’t confirmed yet. So, we may need to wait at least by the end of 2022 for any trailer, even if the movie sequel happens.


Since many fans are waiting for the sequel after the suspense end, we hope to announce it soon. Stay tuned

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