GamesArmored Core Six: Expected Release Date & Updates!

Armored Core Six: Expected Release Date & Updates!

The Armored Core is a series of shooting video games that have been developed by the FromSoftware company. The main story of the Armored Core video game revolves around a leading character who is working just for the sake of money to function and operate the large combat units called the Armored Core for corporate or private clients. After this assigned task gets completed, the player gets credit points to enhance their Armored Core, and they can open the upcoming opportunities to earn money. 

A special feature of some versions of this game is an arena mode in which the player fights with other armored core pilots face to face in the wars and battles through which the player gains more rewards and money.

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Although the first part was released on July 10, 1997, the remaining four, i.e., parts two, three, four, and five, were released on August 3, 2000, April 4, 2002, December 21, 2006, and on January 26, 2012, respectively. Apart from these later for each part, a standalone expansion was released on February 4, 1999, for the first one, on April 12, 2001, for the second one, on January 23, 2003, for the third one, on March 19, 2008, for the fourth one, and on September 24, 2013, for the fifth one. 

When Is the Armored Core Six Releasing?

Since it is expected that the FromSoftware company is going to end its production for the Elden Rings, there is a chance that it would work on releasing the sixth part of Armored Core. But such a pattern of launching two main games within the same year by the FromSoftware company has not been observed yet, so there is a chance that part six of Armored Core would launch in 2023 or maybe even later. 

About the Creators of Armored Core

As stated above also, the creators and master planners of the Armored Core game are the FromSoftware company. FromSoftware company started to gain fame through the release of Armored Core video game. It is also famous for its launches of other video games like Elden Ring, Bloodborne, and the Dark Souls. 

Armored Core Six release date
Armored Core Six release date

What Could Be in Armored Core Part Six?

Just like the previous ones, this part is also going to be a third-person shooting video game through which you can move easily here and there according to your location map, and this illustrates a science fictional world completely. According to a piece of survey information regarding a video game leak, the rumors are that most probably it is going to be the Armored Core part six, and in that also, it is not clear that it is going to be a part six or just a standalone expansion or any reboot or something.

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The last part of Armored Core, which was the fifth part, was released in 2013. On average, mixed type of reviews was given regarding part five, so it was not obvious enough whether people liked it or not, but simultaneously part five was not capable of grabbing the attention of the majority of people by becoming a superhit media flash news. 

Whilst now the FromSoftware company has improved and enhanced a lot in the past ten years, and as compared to their initial performance, their work quality also has polished and increased so this would surely be a golden chance for the FromSoftware company to bring back the old game, Armored Core with a new part, which would be the part six. Maybe this one would grab the public’s attention more and could get very popular. 

Are There Any Trailers for the Upcoming Part of Armored Core?

No trailers have been released yet, as it has not been officially announced that part six of Armored Core is about to release, but a survey leak on Twitter shows that image of a video game that resembles the Armored Core’s game theme. 

What Would Be the Expected Platforms for Armored Core Six?

According to the facts and information obtained from the survey leak, since Armored Core is not launching anytime soon, it is not possible that it would be available on Xbox or PS4. Moreover, the game might launch on platforms like PCs, PS5, and Xbox Series xIs. Furthermore, until and unless the game is in the cloud version, it would not be available as a switch version.

Hence, Armored Core is usually released on multiple platforms despite its first part, which was only limited to the PlayStations, but now it is expected that the Armored Core part six will be available on several different platforms hopefully which would make it easier for the users to access this game more and more. 

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