Archer Season 13 Renewed by FX! (Release Date)

Yes! You read it right, it has been officially announced by FXX that the spy-comedy anime series will be renewed for the thirteenth season. The fans are thrilled with the announcement that they will get to see another season of FX’s signature series. 

When is Archer Season 13 supposed to release?

The Archer Season 13 will consist of a total of 8 episodes and can be released by the third quarter of 2022. Currently, season 12 is telecasting on FXX (sibling network of FX), and the same will be wrapped up on 6th October 2021. 

Let’s have a look at Archer Evolution over the time since 2009

Archer is an American adult, spy-comedy anime television series on FX created by Adam Reed. Archer’s evolution is differentiated by artistic up-gradation and has evolved from the set up of a workplace sitcom spy to an anthology with fictional mythologies but after the tenth season of the anime series, the show came back to its earlier spy concept. Ever since the show started airing i.e 17th September 2009, the series aired 118 episodes. The twelfth season is airing from 25th August 2021 and is planned to conclude on 6th October.

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The show has received many positive reviews. Initially, the show revolves around the deeds of the flawed intelligence agency and the main characters were Sterling Archer dubbed by H. Jon Benjamin, and his seven teammates named- his mom Malory Archer dubbed by Jessica Walter, Cyril Figgis dubbed by Chris Parnell, Cheryl Tunt dubbed Judy Greer, Pam Poovey dubbed by Amber Nash, Ray Gillette dubbed by Adam Reed, Dr. Algernop Krieger dubbed by Lucky Yates and Lana Kane voiced by Aisha Tyler. 

The series mainly is all about corrupted Superspy Sterling Archer and follows him on his path in the recurrently dynamic world of adventures of spy. 


What was Season 12 about?

In the twelfth season, Archer and his colleagues face terrifying coercion from an opposing spy organization IIA i.e International Intelligence Agency and since there are very limited spy tasks, the superspy Archer starts to compete countering the threatening brutal statements of IIA. 

Will Season 13 see the replacement of Malory Archer for the voice of Jessica Walter?

Sadly, the current season 12 will be featuring the voice of Malory Archer for the character Jessica Walter for one last time due to her demise in March 2021. She was 80 years old and was an important part of the series ever since the show started.

We understand that the news is disheartening because she played a major role in all 12 seasons and was one of the fan favorites. This will be impressive to watch how the makers will adjust her role.

Will they prefer to replace her voice or will they end her character in season 12 as a part of her remembrance? Well, we will have to wait and watch. In an interview, the executive producer Casey Willis stated that “If we’re lucky enough to get a Season 13, we have ideas of how we want to proceed with it. And we’re talking about how the characters are going to react and how we even want to portray it.

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So I don’t want to talk too much about it, because I don’t want to jinx getting Season 13. But also I think the way we’re going to handle it also, some of it’s going to be revealed at the end of 12. But I think we’ve come up with some good ideas on how to handle it.”

Nick Grad Reaction to Archer Season 13

Nick Grad, the president of original programming for FX, expressed his joy since the show gets renewed for its 13th Season, adding further he said that this is the signature show of FX and praised the entire team of Archer for their part in making the series attainable. He also gave credit to the amazing voice cast who continue to give their massive performances.

Archer Season 13: What will it be about?

The spy-comedy series has a challenge in Season 13 which is about what to do with the character of Jessica Walter! Further, Sterling Archer may be seen taking control of the agency, but this situation can prove to be more troublesome once Archer takes up charge of everything.

Moreover, an additional character may be joined to the team to look after the responsibilities which Malory left after her. In between all these things one positive aspect is that all episodes of season 12 are already recorded so there will be no instant change in the storyline.

Archer Season 13: Who can join the voice cast?

Since the show prefers to keep their previous voice artist, we can expect them to return for season 13 as well. Except for Jessica Walter’s voice for the character Malory Archer, remaining all will be the same positively.

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Abhimanyu Sangwan
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