NewsApple Watch Series 7 Release Date Confirmed?

Apple Watch Series 7 Release Date Confirmed?

Are you super eager to get your hands on the new Apple Watch? Then this article is for you. Six years ago, when Apple introduced its first-ever watch, everyone went crazy. The new smartwatch showed features and capabilities that weren’t seen in past wearables. The product innovated with time and improved with better cellular, stronger sensors, and larger displays. The Apple watch series currently has 6 models with a seventh one currently in production. This upcoming Apple watch 7 is going to be one of Apple’s most sensational releases. Its specs are phenomenal and the design is spectacular. So when will this new apple watch be available in markets? What will be its price? What are the new upgrades? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about the Apple Watch Series 7. 

Rumors: What will the device be like?

The new smartwatch has a wider flat-edge design, longer battery life, and more health features. It will have Apple’s WatchOS 8 software, which was unveiled at WWDC in June. If the reports are true, the new Watch might be a worthy advance from last year’s Apple Watch Series 6, which Apple revealed in September 2020. Last year, Apple also unveiled the Apple Watch SE, a more modest midrange smartwatch that could see a replacement in 2022.

Release date: Will we see the new Apple Watch Series 7 in September?

Initially, we had assumed Apple’s new smartwatch will be unveiled alongside the iPhone 13 and AirPods 3 at a projected September event. But, a report from Nikkei Asia in August indicated the watch could be delayed owing to manufacturing issues. It stated that problems emerged as a result of the watch’s complicated design and incorporation of blood pressure monitoring. Small-scale production of the Apple Watch 7 reportedly began last week but confronted multiple difficulties fitting all the new components of the watch’s complex design together. This prevented it from being moved to full-scale manufacturing, according to the report. 

Last year, respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo projected that a revamped Apple Watch would arrive in the second half of 2021. Hence, we know for sure that a new Apple Watch is on the way/ However, we just don’t know when. We don’t have much else to say about the Apple Watch 7’s release date. But we expect it will be announced at an Apple event in the fall, most likely alongside the rumored iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 event is expected to take place on September 8, however, this is just a prediction based on rumors and leaks. If these assumptions are right, the Apple Watch 7 should be released on September 8.

Apart from reports, Apple has a long history of releasing new wearable models around mid-September each year. Even in 2020, when the pandemic forced product announcements to be held online and created supply chain issues (delaying the launch of Apple’s iPhone 12 line by a month), the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE both debuted on Sept. 15, 2020, during an online event. On September 18, they were released three days later.

Apple Watch Series 7 Design 

Apple Watch 7 renders were leaked by leaker Jon Prosser (whose rumor track record is inconsistent) in May, alleging a “dramatic overhaul” of the wearable. Almost a year ago, Kuo anticipated a “major form factor design change” for the 2021 Apple Watch. “The Apple Watch 7 could come in a new sage green color,” said Jon Prosser. Prosser’s renders, which he claims are based on a mix of real pictures and CAD files supplied to him by “sources,” show the Apple Watch 7 with thinner bezels and flat edges. Last fall, Apple likewise flattened the corners of its iPhone 12 series, giving it a sleek profile that CNET’s Patrick Holland dubbed “globular beauty.”

Apple Watch Series 7

In August, 91mobiles speculated that Prosser’s renders were accurate. The new Apple Watch, according to the rumor, will forego the rounded sides in favor of a box-like, flat-edged appearance. Apple’s latest stylistic selections for the iPad Pro and iPhone 12 would complement the new style. According to a June Bloomberg story, the Apple Watch 7 would have reduced bezels and a “new lamination method that puts the display closer to the front cover.”

It’s also possible that the new Apple Watch will be a touch bigger than the previous model. According to a leaker on Chinese social media platform Weibo, the Apple Watch Series 7 could arrive in 41mm and 45mm casing sizes, according to MacRumors. Bloomberg’s Gurman later confirmed the rumor. Since the release of the Apple Watch Series 4 in 2017, the smartwatch’s case sizes have been 40mm and 44mm. In a report on September 2, Gurman reported that the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 will have a screen that is about 1.9 inches and have a resolution of 396×484.

Apple Watch Series 7 Colors

The Apple Watch 7 is expected to come in a new sage green color, which Prosser compares to the green option for Apple’s over-ear headphones, the AirPods Max. Silver, grey, gold, blue, and red (aluminum); silver, graphite, and gold (steel); and titanium and black (titanium) are the colors available for the Series 6. Red, blue, black, and silver, as well as sage green, appear in Prosser’s images of the Apple Watch 7, though we don’t know if they are the real colors Apple will sell. Apple may forego the titanium Edition model for the Series 7 in terms of material. Gurman says he wouldn’t be shocked if the more expensive titanium option, which starts at $799 for the Apple Watch 6, was omitted in his PowerOn newsletter. Both ceramic and genuine gold variants were previously available from Apple.

Processor and specs: Will we see new and improved specifications? 

Although no reports of the CPU in the Series 7 watches have surfaced, we can expect an S7 in the future watch based on the S6 system in the present Apple Watch Series 6. The S6 in the Series 6 is up to 20% quicker than the S5 SiP. Thus the S7 should see comparable increases. According to Bloomberg, the Series 7 watch may include enhanced ultra-wideband capability. The ultra-wideband U1 chip was first launched with the Apple Watch Series 6 and has since been enhanced with AirTag trackers and digital keys in Wallet. It’s unclear how Apple will improve the technology in the Apple Watch Series 7, but it’ll almost certainly include a U2 chip.

Cost: Will the cost be similar to the previous models?

Apple’s last three Watch models started at $399 and went up in price as the size and cellular connectivity improved. (The Apple Watch SE defied the $399 price tag, debuting at $279 instead.) However, the SE model is Apple’s “cheap” smartwatch, which means it omitted several features to save money. While we haven’t heard any serious reports concerning the price of the Apple Watch 7. We expect Apple will keep to its customary pricing structure and introduce the next-generation device for approximately $399. Of course, Apple might raise the price in 2021, but we don’t see any substantial hardware advancements or new features on the horizon that would justify a price hike, so that seems unlikely.

Battery life: Will the battery life improve by a lot? 

One of the most common complaints about the Apple Watch is its short battery life. Especially when compared to competing smartwatches and fitness trackers like Fitbit. According to CNET’s Scott Stein, the Apple Watch has ranked “dead last” in terms of battery life among its competitors, which is an issue if you want to use its sleep-tracking feature (added in WatchOS 7), which requires daily charging.

If Apple Watch 7’s battery life improves considerably, it may be a game-changer for the company. The previous three generations all had a battery life of around 18 hours. The previous series i.e Series 6 having a 265.9-mAh battery. We haven’t heard anything specific about the Series 7’s battery specs. Although, we have heard that it could have a smaller, double-sided S7 chip, freeing up space for — what else? — a larger battery.

Health features: Will Apple Watch Series 7 really get a blood glucose monitor?

Blood glucose monitoring would be a fantastic addition to the Apple Watch. But, don’t hold your breath because there are conflicting rumors. Apple itself sparked interest in the new sensor by conducting a survey of Apple Watch users to measure interest in new functions including it. However, a subsequent Bloomberg story effectively put an end to those hopes. Thus. it is unlikely to appear in the Series 7 and possibly not even in Apple’s 2022 Watch model.

Last year, Samsung revealed a new noninvasive blood glucose monitoring technology. Although it did not indicate where or when this technology is applied. Additionally, Apple has a history of allowing competitors to deliver hot new features first. Hence, an Apple Watch blood glucose sensor in 2022 or even 2023 wouldn’t be a great surprise.

That’s everything we know about the Apple Watch 7 Series so far, including rumors, leaks, speculation, and fantasies. As additional information becomes available, we will update this article.

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