NewsAmd Zen 4: Everything We Know, Specs, Release Date & More

Amd Zen 4: Everything We Know, Specs, Release Date & More

In 2017, AMD launched its first Ryzen CPU. What made it fundamentally different was that it was based on Zen architecture. The then debut Ryzen CPU  proved to be an important time for redefining AMD and laptops and desktop chips everywhere.

For the last five years, six generations of Ryzen chips and three Zen architectures have already positioned themselves in the market. The latest product was the Ryzen 6000 series that used the Zen 3+ architecture. According to recent sources AMD Zen 4 will soon be released. 

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AMD Zen 4: Release Date 

The release of AMD Zen 4 was confirmed by Mark Papermaster, AMD Chief Technology Officer in October 2020 while unveiling Zen 3. After confirming the launch, in January 2022, during the CES, the company while specifically mentioning said that AMD Zen 4 is supposed to be released in the second half of 2022. The previous update cycle is as follows:

Zen – March 2017

Zen 2: August 2019 

Zen 3: November 2020

According to different sources, AMD Zen 4 might see its debut in Q3 of 2022. The delay in the launch of AMD Zen 4 can be attributed to both the Covid-19 pandemic and the global semiconductor shortage. 

AMD Zen 4: Devices 

It is expected that the release date of AMD Zen 4 will coincide with the first CPUs and the company will take advantage of this fact. The launch of the Ryzen 7000 Series is confirmed. For a long time, PC users have been dependent on AMD chips for updates of their machines.


After analyzing the screenshots shared by the computer during the presentation, it is expected that the company will move to a 5nm process. If the process is shifted, chances are high that the AM4 socket will no longer be supported and the users will get to see an AM5 socket. However, the problem with an AM5 socket is that it will not work with A520 and X570 motherboards and therefore, it might see more cores in the Zen 4 CPUs.  

AMD Zen 4: Specs

The very first specs of AMD Zen 4 that have been officially confirmed by the company is that it will move down from the 7nm to 5nm process. Previously, 7nm was present in Zen 3 and 6nm was present in Zen 3+. This move will ensure that the users get the same amount of power but in a smaller footprint. Further, speculations have suggested that the move to 5nm can result in density improvement by TSMC. 

TSMC works with AMD for producing Ryzen CPUs and therefore, the gains can be seen making their way to AMD Zen 4 based chips. Having said that, the transistor density plays a critical role in improving the performance of any processor and therefore, the result of improvement can be significant.

Other sources have suggested that an improvement of 40% can be expected in the performance of the processor along with a 25% increase in Instructions per Clock (IPC). Executable Fix in a tweet suggests that a 40X40mm CPU socket will exist but the PCIe 5.0 will be present for the enterprise-level chips.

Als during CRS 2022 suggested that PCIe 5.0 will be coming for all the Zen 4 CPUs with DDR5 RAM. It is also speculated that in AMD Zen 4 chips, integrated Navi graphics will be introduced. 

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AMD Zen 4: Performance 

It will improve the transistor density in comparison to the TSMC 7nm process which is used in AMD Zen 3. This will result in performance improvement in the form of a performance gain of 40%. One will also see a boost of 25% in the IPC performance of AMD Zen 4. 

AMD Zen 4: Price 

It is expected that AMD Zen 4 will be available for $125 for the low-end Ryzen 3 processors and for AMD Zen 4 EPYC server processors, the price point will be around ten of thousand dollars. 

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