EntertainmentAfter Ever Happy Release Date, Storyline, Characters And All 2022 Updates!

After Ever Happy Release Date, Storyline, Characters And All 2022 Updates!

After Ever Happy is an upcoming romantic drama that is based on a novel by the same name, written by Anna Todd. After Ever Happy belongs to the After film series and is the fourth film of it.

After We Fell, the third movie of the series was released on September 3, 2020, and the release of After Ever Happy was announced alongside the release of its preceding film. The movie is directed by Castille Landon and is produced by Mark Canton, Courtney Solomon, Jennifer Gibgot, and Anna Todd. 

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After Ever Happy Release Date 

After Ever Happy will be released on September 7, 2020, in the US. It will be further available exclusively in cinemas across Europe except for UK and France on August 24 and August 25. After Ever Happy will be released on Amazon Prime in the UK and France and the release date of the same is yet not available. 

After Ever Happy Trailer 

The first trailer of After Ever Happy was released on December 24, 2021, to treat the eyes of the viewers just before Christmas. Though the teaser did not reveal much about the plot of the movie, it indicated that a lot of drama lies ahead for Tessa and Hardin. 

In the trailer, Tessa in a voiceover was heard saying that she thought that they had a love that was out of a novel and no matter how hard it was, they would survive to tell the story.

The voice of Hardin reassures her that their love can survive. However, while responding she said that she didn’t want to survive but wanted to live and the trailer ended with the parting words where she apologized for failing to fix him. 

After Ever Happy Cast 

After Ever Happy will be featuring Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Hardin, Josephine Langford as Tessa, Louise Lombard as Trish Daniels, Kiana Madeira as Nora, Carter Jenkins as Robert, Rob Estes as Ken Scott, Chance Perdomo as Landon, Jack Bandeira as James, Atanas Srebrev as Richard Young, Jordan Peters as Mark, Anton Kottas as Smith, Velizar Binev as Dr. West, Ryan OI as Joe and Tosin Thomspon as Janine. 

After Ever Happy
After Ever Happy

After Ever Happy Plot 

In the movie, After We Collided, the appearance of Tessa’s father created drama in the relationship between Hardin and Tessa. The drama was caused by the fact that Tessa wants to know more about her father and this idea does not excite Hardin.

By pursuing some questionable stuff Hardin tries to keep Tessa around him and further, stops her from going to Seattle to pursue her dream job. However, Hardin realizes that it is not a good idea and then accepts the idea of a long-distance relationship. 

Further drama is fuelled in the movie after the discovery that not Ken, but Christian Vance is the father of Hardin. What makes the entire situation extremely awkward is the fact that Vance is the boss of Vance Publishing where Tessa actually works.

It is expected that the plot ​​ will begin from this revelation. It is unclear whether Tessa and Hardin will enjoy a fairy tale ending or will their relationship actually end. In the novel, a time jump is followed, however, it is unclear whether the movie will also walk down the same path or not. 

After Ever Happy Synopsis

The synopsis of the book indicates that both the lovers are not different from each other because of the truths of their families. Both the characters have grown into other versions. For instance, Tessa is no longer sweet and simple and Hardin is no longer just cruel and moody.

The synopsis further reads that Hardin tries to push Tessa away and Tessa is doubtful whether she can save him or not, but nonetheless, she is not about to give up without a fight but the question is whether she is fighting for herself or for Hardin?

After Ever Happy is the final movie of the series but it is not the end. It is because two more movies are lined up after After Ever Happy which will serve as a prequel and sequel to the fourth movie. 

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